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Ines de Freitas, Award of Orion, 2021

 Decree of the King, Rattanicus, and the Queen, Isabel, first of those names.

Leaving aside the types and definitions of Justice, which many write about in unreasonable ways, it is Our intention to speak very briefly of justice alone, which is the reason royal power exists: to punish the evil and to reward the good.

And given that the King and Queen, whose reign is well-recorded, rule with justice – an act more pleasing to God than any other - We wish to speak about justice as those who have been greatly contented by the learning of one Lady, Ines de Freitas, who has embellished Our kingdom with song and scholarship in equal measure.

The King and Queen made vast use of the virtue of justice to bestow upon the Lady, Ines de Freitas, the Award of Orion, and on whose account we must consider that there was in this time the gift of justice, whose laurel and fruit is honorable fame in this world.

This was done on the 20th day of November, as We sat Our thrones in our land of Bastille du Lac, where We put Our hands and seal.

Wording by TH Lord Dietrich von Sachsen, based on The Prologue of the Chronicle of King Pedro I of Portugal.

Avelyn Wexcombe, Court Barony, 2021

 O, the Northrealm! A land so bless’d,

With worthy nobles of the best!

In Skraeling Althing look around:

Carrots of gold spring from the ground!

This work of goodly Avelyn,

Eighth to sit the High Seats and reign,

Well-beloved in all her land

(Naught to do with that sword in hand…)

Bent her will to learning and jest,

(Eastrealm friends say “Give it a rest!”)

These years of service now are past,

Like bounding hares they run so fast!

Rattanicus and Isabel,

Your lieges speak – all ears compel,

Silver now encircles your brow,

Let none gainsay what we do now.

Done this 13 th Day of November, Anno Societatis LVI (56), as We celebrate the Feast of the Hare in Our

Canton of Caldrithig, where we have set Our Hands and Seal.

Wording by TH Lord Dietrich von Sachsen, based on the humorous verse “The Foxe and the Welle”.

Dafydd ap Alan, Court Barony, 2021

 ‘Tis said that gold grows not on trees,

Nor can it be fish’d from the seas,

But in fair Skraeling Althing bright,

Golden Carrots are their birthright.

Give thanks unto Dafydd’s labours –

Eighth of the land’s chosen leaders –

Defends his people with his blade,

Survived a kidnapper’s raid,

A noble fam’d for rapier wit,

(Dragon Dormant prefer’d he’d quit!)

Though time bids all to say goodbye,

Let joy, like rabbits, multiply!

Isabel and Rattanicus,

Northrealm sovereigns now sayeth thus:

From our hands take this coronet,

That for your service none may forget.

Done this 13 th Day of November, Anno Societatis LVI (56), as We celebrate the Feast of the Hare in Our

Canton of Caldrithig, where we have set Our Hands and Seal.

Wording by TH Lord Dietrich von Sachsen, based on the humorous verse “The Foxe and the Welle”.

Scroll of Friendship from Trinovantia Nova to Sciath ingen Chennaig

To the most Learned and Gracious Sciath, by the will of the Lupine Crown Baroness of Rising Waters and Defender of the Niagara, her humble and devout kinsmen and kinswomen Eithne, Seneschal and Marshal of the Arte of Thrown Weaponry; Aidan, Exchequer and Captain of Archers; Muirghein, Chatelaine; Rose, Chronicler; Seamus, Pursuivant; Amelye, Minister of the Arts and Sciences; Berenger, Captain of Foot; Jessica, Marshal of the Arte of Defense; and Neala, Deputy of Alle Things; and the other lords, ladies, and freeholders and the whole community of the realm of Trinovantia Nova send all manner of filial reverence, with devotion and noble wishing.

Most Noble Baroness, we know from the chronicles and books of the ancients that we find amongst other goodly lands our own, Trinovantia Nova, has been graced with renown and the goodwill of many peoples. It journeyed from the heart of Ealdormere by way of Septentria and it dwelt for a long course of time in Ramshaven, but never could it be diminished by any people. Thence it came, thirty-five years after the first King of the West, to its home in the Forest of Trinovantia, where it still remains to this day.

Of the high qualities and merits of these people, were they not otherwise manifest, shine forth clearly enough from this: that the most diligent and noble line of those who sit upon the High Seats over the demesne of the Chalice called them, even though settled in the uttermost parts of the Kingdom, almost the first amongst their friends and kin.

Most Learned Baroness, you and your predecessors gave careful heed to these things and strengthened this same shire and people with many favours and numerous privileges; and to that, we beseech your Excellency with our most earnest wishes and supplicant hearts, inasmuch as you will in your sincerity and goodness, accept our gratitude and in so doing let us name you, and your people, as Friends of Trinovantia Nova. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor favours that we do this, but for honour alone, which no honest shireling gives up but with life itself.

May the Most High preserve you in happiness and health for many days to come; and inspire us all with courage and bring our endevours to fruition.

Given at our 20th Celebration of our Shire, in Trinovantia Nova on the ninth day of the month of May in the year of the society fifty-five and the second month of the reign our King Rattanicus and our Queen Isabel.

Wording by TH Lord Dietrich von Sachsen; based on the Declaration of Arbroath.

Charter of Merchant Rights for Aleksandr Bergessøn

 Charter of Merchant Rights for Aleksandr Bergessøn

Penn, by the authority of the Crown of Ealdormere, Baron Ramshaven, and Lucia, by the same authority Baroness Ramshaven, to all people to whom these presents shall come, greetings.

Whereas We find that it will considerably add to the welfare of Our barony and of Our subjects that the commerce, trades, and navigation in Our lands and territories should grow, be increased, and improved by all suitable means; and whereas by the reports of experienced and trustworthy gentles we have received reliable and certain intelligence that there are situated by the waters of the Inland Seas many rich countries and islands with which it will not only be possible to carry on a valuable commerce from Our barony, but it is also most likely that the said people may likewise be made to know the glory and might of Our barony by the mutual intercourse and trade.

Therefore, we have as far as in Our power concluded that the advantages, profits, and welfare of Our barony and faithful subjects will be much improved and increased by the discovery of new commercial relations and navigation; and We understand that our well-beloved subject, Lord Aleksandr Bergessøn, has made large advances and investments towards commercial ventures. Thus by Our will We have given and granted unto Lord Aleksandr and to his heirs the proper permissions to raise and maintain a merchant vessel, crew, and means of defence for such vessel and crew. We also extend the following privileges:

That first, during the time of twelves months none of Our subjects and inhabitants of Our lands shall be allowed to sail and trade in anybody but Lord Aleksandr's name and behalf North of Cove Island, or Westward to Saginaw Bay or the Straits of Mackinac, while the ships and goods of all who have dared to trade there without Our and this consent and permission shall be confiscated;

That second, he be exempt from payment of all duties on all goods which he imports to or exports from Our barony and territories, and that he shall have permission to export and pass the said goods through Our customs offices as often as it may be necessary without paying further duties;

That third, We take his concern as a ward into Our protection, promising to defend and guard with the power of Our barony in free commerce and navigation against all and everybody in special who should hinder and damage him in his good and lawful undertaking; and if any violence should be made against him, We will come to his assistance and relief as the occasion may require and the circumstances of Our barony and the Kingdom of Ealdormere will allow;

That fourth, We will not take, nor have taken by any means into Our or Our barony's service his ship, nor any ordnance, ammunition, money, goods, or merchandises, unless it may be done with the free, thorough, and joyous consent and approval of Lord Aleksandr;

That fifth, We give him full authority, consent, and command to treat pirates and declare enemies, who want to damage him in his trade by force, as disturbers of the public peace; and he shall take, punish, and proceed against them in the same manner as it is usually done.

As compensation for all these advantages, assistance, franchises, and privileges, We decree that Lord Aleksandr provide the sale of the goods and produce of foreign lands to Us, Our heirs, and Our subjects before the sale of such goods to other lands. We further charge that he must advise Us and Our officers at once of all news and communications which they receive from foreign lands, so that We may know how to arrange and direct our affairs accordingly.

Done this 14th Day of July, Anno Societatis LIII, as we hold court in the Great Hall of Northgaetham, at the Fifth Baron's Brouhaha, whereof we place our hands and seal.

Based on the Charter of Privileges which Gustavus Adolphus Has Graciously Given by Letters Patent to the Newly Established Swedish South Company; June 14, 1626

Yamagata Tokimu'ne, Award of the Maiden's Heart, 2021

Snow blankets the land

The mountain sleeps under drifts

Its streams are frozen

Undisturbed by marching feet

Of bushi; they march to war.

One stands among them

Honour’d is Yamagata

Tokimune; serve

Your Ten’nō and your Jotei

Shugo of Western Province.

Rise, Hatamoto

Tono of the Okami!

Wolves howl your name

Kaylah and Trumbrand declare

The Maiden’s Heart – bear it now.


Done this 70th day of Winter, in the 54th Year, by our decree.


Wording by Akashi Terumoto go-Taisho

Composed as a renga (連歌) format of poetry.

Nicola Canis, Award of Arms, 2021


Let all present and future know that We, Rattanicus Rex and Isabel Regina Ealdormerensis, in Our goodness and grace, have by this present letter given and granted and confirmed, through her homage and service, to Nicola Canis, the rights, responsibilities, and station of a Lady of the Realm; and further we do by this letter grant unto the aforesaid Nicola the right to bear the arms Per bend sable and azure, a three-headed dog rampant contourny tailed of a serpent maintaining in its tail a sword argent, for which a yearly annuity must be rendered in coin or in service, as pertains to the whole realm. And We, Rattanicus and Isobel and our heirs warrant the aforesaid Nicola of the aforesaid rights for the aforesaid service in perpetuity. With these witnessing on the 4th day of September, Anno Societatis LVI (56).

Wording by TH Lord Dietrich von Sachsen; based on a grant of land given by Nicola de la Haie.