Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Laurenz Tonnemacher, Award of the Maiden's Heart, 2018

In the year quinquaginta tria, on the eighth day of September, in the presence of the revered baron and baroness of Septentria, their majesties Baldric by right of arms high king of Ealdormere, and Breyla, High Queen by virtue of inspiration, and of their heirs, and that of their chamberlain, and that of Trillium Herald, present in person, sitting in judgement.

Singly and with others, the honourable lord Laurenz Tonnemacher of Skraeling Althing, has undertaken a firm, free and unconstrained obligation unto our commissariat, effectually guaranteeing it with himself and his property. This solemn obligation has been received, and reciprocated, by the lady Ilsebet Jeghersche, the lady commissar, and by the undersigned notaries, on behalf and in the name of our sovereigns’ commissariat.

The honourable lord has properly ensured in the lands under contention between the East and Middle kingdoms, at his own expense, cost, and outlay, and in accordance with requirements and custom, saw to it that sound and adequate tent poles, and sound and adequate deployment for each tent pole, under the supervision and command of the lady commissar, were provided to ensure that our sovereign’s commissariat was provided proper shelter and supply.

It has also been agreed that the honourable lord has provided retinues, scribes, and other suitable officials in each and every place of the said contentious lands, and ensured that accurate maps were provided to their majesties’ captains and their aides-de-camp, for several years counting or starting from the first day, as pleases the sovereigns and their commanders.

And thus on behalf of the sovereigns, the High King and High Queen, in the presence and with the consent of their councillors, the crown solemnly promises and agrees to grant, make over and assign, in good faith and without fraud, for each of these services, as stated above, the Award of the Maiden’s Heart, to be proclaimed throughout their demesne.

It was also agreed between the said parties, the intention that the sovereigns would continue to honour and reward further service of the honourable lord, which they will exercise according to custom in such matters. Concerning each and all of these deeds, the High King and Queen, their heirs, and the councillors of the realm asked of us, the below-named notaries, to draw up public instruments in accordance with the counsel of the wise, but with no alteration to the substance of the meaning. This was done in Eoforwic, whereof we have placed our hand and seal.

 Based on the 1334 Naval Contract from the Papacy against the Turks. Wording by Dietrich von Sachsen..

Gwendolyn of Aldburg, Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer, 2018

… Then it was like old times in that echoing hall,
Proud talk and the people happy,
Loud and excited; until soon enough
The crown did pass from one to another;
Kings came and went; Baldric now ruled from that storied place
Golden band upon his brow; beside him sat wolf-wise
Breyla, Queen of the North. And ever at their side,
Bold Gwendolyn, Horse-Lady of Aldburg, stood in defence
Of her Ring-Giver and her oaths. Her mail-shirt glinted,
Hard and hand-linked; the high-gloss iron
Of her armour, no doubt had rung upon the anvil
When the smith stuck with hammer.

Time went by; and thus it was that Gwendolyn was
Called to saddle her mare and ride to the lands where
Winter’s breath was rarely known. The sun dazzled on that
Field of Ravens where her Ring-Giver did battle. So she duly arrived
In her joyous war-graith and gear and stacked her wide shield
Of the toughest hardwood amidst the wall,
Then charged upon the enemy; battle-dress
And weapons clashed. At day's end she collected the spears
Of those retainers of the Middle King she had slain in a seafarer’s stook,
A stand of greyish tapering ash. Over fifty shafts were the proof
Of this hero’s prowess; neither thane nor thrall could stand before her
When her blade stuck like a hammer.

The war-bands returned home. Gwendolyn sat on the benches,
First oarswoman to her thane, Varenko of the Rus. Thus they arrived
Unto to a great feast in the lands of the Bear-Folk, where Baldric spake:
“Be acclaimed for strength, dear Gwendolyn; and
Delight in this weapon from Our armoury; may you prosper with it!
You have won renown: you are known to all men
Far and near, now and forever. So, my lady,
I wish you a lifetime’s luck and blessings
To enjoy this treasure. As it was when that great
Prince Osis reigned, so here each companion is true to the other,
Loyal to lord, loving in spirit.” Gwendolyn raised aloft that storied
Weapon; and bore Thorbjorn’s Hammer.

 Done on this 8th day of September, AS. 53, as we celebrate Feast of the Bear.

Wording by THL Dietrich von Sachsen

Tanegashima Hiromoto, Award of Arms, 2018

The hot sun rises
Over Iwashimizu;
Hachiman’s temple.
Baldric and Breyla, mighty
Imperial sovereigns
Summon before them
A loyal bushi; name him
Hiromoto: Twin arrows
Crossed atop a turtle’s shell.
Veteran of war
Trainer of Ashigaru
He serves and is served.
Sews the seeds of future
And of victories to come.
Bushi of southern islands:
Service is honoured.
Our court recognizes you;
Know now your worth as tono.

Done this 7th day of Summer, in the 53rd Year of the Society, by our decree.

Composed as a renga (連歌) format of poetry.
"The hot sun rises" is a kigo (季語, "seasonal word") for summer.
Iwashimzu Shrine is dedicated to Hachiman, the the syncretic divinity of archery and war; this, along with the crossed arrows on the turtle's shell, is a reference to Hiromoto's heraldry.
Sewing the Seeds of the Future and Southern Island is a reference to the literal translation of Tanegashima.

Wording by Akashi Terumoto.

Tanegashima Masako, Award of Arms, 2018

The time of blooming;
Wild orange blossoms
Erupt like gunfire
Baldric, our great Ten’nō
Derives counsel from Breyla
His noble Kōgō.
In humility
Now kneels Tanegashima
Masako; who gave
Herself unto bushido.
In battle, fear flees her mind;
Punishes her enemies
And those of her lord.
As she raises up others
So shall we elevate her.
Seed of the Southern Islands
Rise and take up your station,
As a hine of our court.

Done this 7th day of Summer, in the 53rd Year of the Society, by our decree.

Composed as a renga (連歌) format of poetry.
"Wild Orange Blossom" is a kigo (季語, "seasonal word") for summer, refering to the flowering that occurs in early summer.
"like Gunfire": Tanegashima is a name for a Japanese arquebus, and a play on her name.
"Seed of Southern Island": Another play on the literal meaning of Tanegashima, "Southern Seed Island"
"Onna-Bugeisha" is a female samurai.

Wording by TH Lord Akashi Terumoto