Sunday, 6 October 2019

Ronin, Award of the Wolf’s Cub, 2019

Who praises young Ronin?
I, said the knight,
Due to his might,
I praise young Ronin.

Who saw him shoot?
I, said the archer,
Saw arrow’s departure,
I saw him shoot.

Who saw him fight?
I, said the soldier,
I saw no one bolder,
I saw him fight.

Who saw him work?
I, said the Pelican,
He made me believe again,
I saw him work.

Who saw him try?
I, said the Laurel,
This son so auroral,
I saw him try.

Who saw him worthy?
We, said the Queen,
With King convene,
We saw him worthy.

Thus was it recorded in the musical tomes of the lupine kingdom, that Kaylah, Queen by Right of Arms, and Trumbrand, King of Grace and Patience, did look upon the many acts of Ronin, and found him to be a most excellent exemplar of Their lands. Therefore did They bestow upon him an Award of the Wolf’s Cub, given at the Harvest of the Huntsmen, in the Barony of Ben Dunsfirth, on the fifth day of October in the fifty-fourth year of the Society.

Wording by Maister Colyne Stewart, based on the children’s rhyme “Cock Robin”, originally published in ‘Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book’, c. 1744 (though its origins likely date back to the 15th century). This version only contained four verses, with an extended version appearing around 1770.  

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