Monday, 3 March 2014

Mattius of Petrea Thule, Award of Arms, 2013

Nigel, the king, and Adrielle, the queen, greet Their Lawspeaker, and Siegfried the prince, and Ragni the princess, and all Our earls and all Our people, twelfhynde and twyhynde, clerk and lay, in Ealdormere, friendly; and We do you to wit that We will be kind and unfailing to Ealdormere’s rights and law. Among those rights is the recognition of worth of Our people, and one of those people is Mattius of Petrea Thule who is known for his enthusiasm both on and off the field of battle, skilled with both instruments of war and song. Now We beseech Our heralds and suffragan pursuivants that they all be attentive as we use Our royal authority to grace Mattius of Petrea Thule with the title of Hlaford. And we will that all people, clerk and lay, pay him due courtesy worthy of this rank. This We do in our Canton of Ardchreag, at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire, on the feast day of Gertrude the Great, in the year of the society forty-eight. Wassail.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Charter of Canute, 1020 CE

Gwerith of Brynniau Tywynnog , Award of the Wolf’s Cub, 2013

Synge we to thys mery cumpane
Gwerith Ealdormerus, letare.

Young maide, blessyd thou be;
Strong of arm in archery,
Lade of stars, thus lyve we:
Gwerith Ealdormerus, letare.

Thow art minion of Sibylla, fre;
Now art thou cooke in mageste,
Hayl doughter, hail suster ful of gle!
            Gwerith Ealdormerus, letare.

Lo, this curteys Crown of degree
Nygle, Adrielle, decree
A Wulfen Cub maketh We,
            Gwerith Ealdormerus, letare.

At Wassail, celebrate We,
In Bryniau Tywnnog We see,
Year forty-eight of society,
            Gwerith Ealdormerus, letare.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on Sing We To This Merry Company, date unknown.

:: Synge we to thys mery cumpane:         
Regina celi, letare.::

Holy maide, blessyd thou be;
Godys sone is born of the,
The fader of heven, thus lyve we:       
Regina celi, letare.

Thow art emperesse of heaven, fre;
Now art thou moder in mageste,
Y-knytte in the blessed trinite;       
Regina celi, letare.

Hayl wyf, hayl maide, bright of ble!
Hayl doughter, hail suster ful of pite!
Hayl cosyn to the persones thre!       
Regina celi, letare.

Lo, this curteys Kynge of degre
Wole be thy sone with solempnite:
Mylde Mary, this ys thy fee.       
Regina celi, letare.

Ther fore knele we on oure kne;
Thy blysful berthe now worshype we
With this songe of melode:       
Regina celi, letare.