Monday, 9 July 2018

John Spooner, Award of Arms

Based of an English Patent of Arms, by THL Dietrich von Sachsen

To all Present and to come who shall these present letters see or hear, Quillium the King by Right of Arms of This Kingdom of Ealdormere, and Tangystle the Queen, greetings and love with humble recommendation.

Equity, will, and right ordains that virtuous men and noble undertakings be by their merits and renown rewarded; and not only their persons in this mortal life but so all after them know of the esteem We place upon them. Thus unto this end do we, King and Queen aforesaid, who by common renown and the testimony of others, have been well-reported and informed that John Spooner has well-pursued the woodworkers' art and so enriched our demesne.

Henceforth let him in all places be acknowledged and counted amongst the company of the lords of the realm with this Award of Arms. In testimony whereof we have set out hand and seal, on the 10th day of June, Anno Societatis LII.

Bera, Award of the Maiden's Heart

Droekvett poetry, by THL Dietrich von Sachsen

Stalwart Baldric, staunchly
Standing with grand Breyla:
Bera - Heralds hail her –
Harken unto throne-voice.

Rising Waters' wright of
written webs; our officer;
 From potter's wheel, wellspring:
Well she serves her sovereign.

Thoughtful, patient pupil
Pen awakens on parchment.
Greater hath she grown; to
Grasp the cusp of knowledge.

Breaker-of-Rings brings
the bright heart of Maiden
Of Bernadette to Bera:
Bear this honour always.

Done this 12th day of the year Anno Societas LIII, as we sit our Thrones in the Barony of Rising Waters and preside over the Tournament of Lady Mary.

Shimazu Nobuhisa, Award of Arms

Chōka (長歌, "Long Poem") which is a form of Japanese waka 和歌, by THL Dietrich von Sachsen

The Summer King Reigns;
Baldric-ten’nō, with glory
And Breyla, kōgō
Before them kneels a hikan
Of far Kyushu:
Shimazu Nobuhisa
Weathers storms of swords
As harbour on an island
Masters the seasons
Bountiful dishes always
Served with joyful heart.
Mikado says to you, Rise
Take your station as Lord.

Done this 7th day of Summer, in the 53rd Year of the Society, by our decree.

Bjarn Aaronson, Award of Orion

Droekvett poetry. by THL Dietrich von Sachsen

Worthy northrealm noble,
Norns call him Bjarn; kneels he
In Baldric’s hall – heroes’
Hearth, worthy of Breyla.

Kin is he to canvas
Colours he well controls
Boldly his shield showing
Shapely painted sentry.

Arbiter – our artists
Gain unbiased judgement
Students he taught tell of
Time and effort offered.

Honoured son of Aaron!
Of Orion order
Of harp and stars; stand ye
Strong – your King thus commands.

Done this 30th Day of June in the
53rd Year of the Society,
whereof we have set our
hands and seal.

Aleksandr Bergsson, Award of Arms

By THL Dietrich von Sachsen

Harken now, and hear / Halls of the North!
The skalds proclaim / Skillful is he
Who hefts the hammer and / holds it aloft
Who weaves and wefts / like Norms with wool.

Aleksandr, born / son of Bergr
Serves his gothi / good this bondsman
Hand-bloodied for wood; / axe-wound now heal'd
The hour is here / to honour his deeds.

Regin bless'd richly / Northrealm rulers
Edward the King / Queen Rylyn beside
Such learned labours / Lord we name him!
Award of Arms / eternal fame.