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Charter Creating the Crown Principality of Ealdormere

Charter Creating the Crown Principality of Ealdormere (transcription)

We, Corwin, by right of arms and law, the Sovereign of the Middle Kingdom, and Master of' the Order of Chivalry, Ruler from the frozen banks of the Ottawa unto the mud of the Great River; and Shana, our Queen of Love and Beauty, our Consort, and Patroness of the Arts and Sciences, sitting in court and council, and upon the considered advice of our Heirs, Prince Reynard and Princess Brunhildr, our noble peers Duke Talymar, Duchess Eislin, Duke Eliahu and Duchess Elen, and our Great Officers of State, do issue by these presents, a Charter of command and consent:

Recognizing the unity of purpose and contributions that the people of these Northern Reaches have given to our Kingdom, by our command and consent do we create the land comprising the Barony of Septentria, the Barony of Skraeling Althing, and the Shire of Noergate, and any baronies, shires and colleges that may in future be created within those boundaries, as the Crown Principality of Ealdormere. They shall stand in fealty and hommage to the Crown of the Middle.

By our command and consent do We as King and Queen of the Midrealm recognize Ourselves as Sovereigns of the Crown Principality of Ealdormere. By our command and consent do we assign by courtesy, the title of Prince and Princess of Ealdormere to our heirs, the Crown Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom.

By our command and grant will we create a Lord and Lady Lieutenant to administer Ealdormere in our name, at the Crown's pleasure. Upon completion of their service, at the discretion of the Crown, we shall award unto them a Grant of Arms.

By our command will the Lord and Lady Lieutenant, in consultation with our Officers of State, create a Council of the Crown in Ealdormere, to include those deputies of Kingdom officers whose purview includes Ealdormere, and our Barons and Baronesses and Peers who reside within its boundaries.

Done to the greater glory of the Middle Kingdom and the Society, in the name of chivalry, courtesy, and the ideals we hold dear, in this our court and council, this twentieth day of August, in this the twenty-third year of the Society, in testimony whereof we have affixed our seal.

(signed by their Majesties of the Midrealm)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brennen Suibhne, Award of the Scarlet Banner, 2013

To all those who shall see or hear these present letters Nigel and Adrielle otherwise called King and Queen of Ealdormere greeting and al humble recommendation. Equity requires and reason ordains that men virtuous and of noble courage be rewarded for their merits by renown and that not only their persons in this mortal life so brief and transitory but after them those who shall issue and be procreated of their bodies may be in all places of great honour perpetually shining before others by certain signs and shows of honour and gentility. And therefore We, King and Queen above said who not only by common renown but also by the report and testimony of other noble men worthy of credence am truly advertised and informed that Brennen Suibhne has long persued feats of arms with the blade and as well in this as in other his affairs has borne himself valiantly and conducted himself honourably so that he has deserved well and is well worthy that henceforth and perpetually and for ever he is given an Award of the Scarlet Banner and is counted numbered and received among the number and in the company of other ancient gentle and noble Ealdormereans. In witness whereof We, King and Queen above named have signed with Our hands and sealed with Our seal these presents. Made and given the twenty-sixth day of October, in the year of the society forty-eight in Our Shire of the March of St. Martins at Crown Tournament.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on Patent of Arms to John Alfrey, 1459/60

Louis Etienne, Award of the Scarlet Banner, 2013

To all true northern people these presents are hearing or seeing humble recommendation by Us, Nigel, King of Ealdormere, and Adrielle, His Queen. It is so that many persons being moved of noble and gentle birth to rage or exercise virtuous martial activities and conditions by the which with good grace shall come to the perfection of great honour. Of which persons one in especial whose name is Louis Etienne of the Barony of Ramshaven has skill with the blade which requires Us the said King and Queen to search for an award for the said Etienne. Where upon We the said King and Queen have made herein our search and found the right award for the said Etienne, that is to say the Award of the Scarlet Banner, and further the right to bear the badge of the said award being argent, a pale wavy gules between two wolves combatant sable. Which award We the said Nigel, King, and Adrielle, Queen, confirm unto the said Etienne in witness whereof We have set Our seal and hand. The xxvith day of October The xlviiith year of the society In Our Shire of the March of St. Martins at Crown Tournament.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on a Patent of Arms to John Aleyn, 1454.

Marrin von Waldburg, Award of the Maiden’s Heart, 2013

In public consistory, at the time of the solemn and royal court held at Trinovantia Nova, the dukes and a brilliant assembly of counts and barons being in session, and a very great multitude of nobles and commoners standing before the most serene lord Nigel king of the Ealdormereans and the exhaulted queen Adrielle, for the purpose of exhibiting the fulness of justice to each person, their majesties first asked that it be defined by a decree who ought to be recognized for their service to the crown. And it was defined by all the dukes and barons who were present, that Marrin von Waldburg had long and tirelessly so served and should be so recognized.

That said Marrin therefore was presented with an Award of the Maiden’s Heart on the feast day of Witta of Büraburg at Crown Tournament. And it was decreed that she could bear the badge of that award without hindrance or let. This was done in the year of the society forty-eight.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on Count Palatinate as Judge Over the Kings, Decree of the Nuremberg Diet, November 19, 1274.

Orla O'shannahan, Award of the Orion, 2013

1. In the first place the king Nigel and his queen Adrielle, by thee counsel of all his barons, for the preservation of peace and the observing of justice, has decreed that an inquest shall be made throughout the separate counties, and throughout the separate hundreds, through twelve of the more lawful men of the hundred, and through four of the more lawful men of each township, upon oath that they will speak the truth: whether in their hundred or in their township there be any person who, since the lord king has been king, has not been recognized for their skill in the arts and sciences.

2. And in the case of a person who has not been recognized for their skill, they will be so recognized.

3. And let it be known that the barons and lawful men having named such a person, will have that person so recognized.

4. And further let is be known that such a person is Orla O’shannahan who was shown great aptitude in the fields of jewelry making, metal smithing, dancing, fiber arts, vinting, and weaving.

5. The lord king and queen therefore wish to bestow upon Orla O’shannahan an Award of the Orion.

6. And let it be recorded that such was done on the Feast Day of St. Alfred the Great, in the Shire of Trinovantia Nova, at Crown Tournament, in the year AS48.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Assize of Clarendon, 1166.

Zarek Guey, Award of the Scarlet Banner, 2013

(This is the wording I supplied, though not what was used.)

King Nigel MacFarlane and Queen Adrielle Kerrec, supreme pontiffs, holding the throne for the second time, proclaim:

Since We find that in the Shires of Trinovantia Nova and the March of St. Martins there is an Ealdormerean citizen who has long proven himself on the field of battle, and since We have learned that this citizen’s service by strength-of-arms has not been recognized, We adorn Zarek Guey with a Scarlet Banner. This We do at Our Crown Tournament, in Anno Societatus 48, on the first day of  Ludi Victoriae Sullanae.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Edicts of Augustus and Decree of the Senate on the Judicial Process in Cyrene, 64 B.C. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Games Guild of Ealdormere Charter

We, Their most royal majesties of Ealdormere, do hereby grant a charter to the Games Guild of Ealdormere to facilitate the spreading of their love of medieval games throughout the land.

Signed this, the 3rd day of November, AS XXXVI, in Our Canton of Der Welfengeu

Aaron, Rex                  Rustique, Queen

By THL Þorfinna gráfeldr

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Charter for the Kingdom of Atenveldt College of Scribes.

Be it known by these presents that We, Aaron, by right of arms King of Atenveldt and Alisandra, by grace and courtesy Queen of Atenveldt, do by Our especial Grace and certain knowledge give and grant this Charter unto Our College of Scribes.

The College of Scribes shall be under the authority of the Chancellor of the College (or Aten Pen), who shall be appointed by the Crown on recommendation of his/her predecessor and is subject to the general restrictions applied to Our Officers of State. The Chancellor of the College of Scribes shall be a Lesser Office of State of the Kingdom of Atenveldt (known in Lex Atenveldtus as the Kingdom Scribe).

The structure of the College of Scribes shall be as follows.

• Under the direct supervision of the Chancellor shall be several Baronial Deputies who have been recommended and approved by their Baronial Excellencies. Appointment to all Offices shall be for the term of 2 years.

• The scribes of Atenveldt are under the direct authority of the Chancellor. The Chancellor shall keep a record of all scribes work and report directly to Crown at each Coronation as well as compile a Doomsday report.

The priorities of the College of Scribes shall be:

• First, to produce legal documents, to wit: scrolls for awards acknowledged in Corpora, these being the Award of Arms, The Grant of Arms, and the Patent of Arms; also legal documents for the Crown, being charters, formal declarations to be presented at Court, credentials for formal representatives to a foreign Court, etc.

• Second, to recruit and train scribes.

• Third, To encourage research into period illumination and calligraphy.

• And Fourth, to produce other calligraphed documents as time permits. This shall not be contemplated should there be any scrolls, which are on a backlog for completion.

We also confirm the registered arms for the College shall be to wit: Per pale azure and argent two pens in saltier counterchanged and overall an open book Or leathered gules. 

Augmentation shall be awarded to persons who have demonstrated excellence in the manuscript arts either talent and or service to wit: Field less, in chief a sun in its splendor,
in base two pens in saltier, sable.

In witness whereof We hereunto set Our hand and seal, this 1st day of September in the XXXVII year Anno Societatis, being 2002 in the common era.

Aaron                               Alisandra

Rex Atenveldtus                Regina Atenveldtus.

A.D. 805 x 807. Cuthred, king of Kent, to Æthelnoth, praefectus; grant of 3 sulungs (aratra) at Eythorne, Kent, in return for 3000 pence.



Endorsements: (1) s. xi: Heagyþe ðornes boc (2) s. xii: Cuthredus rex dedit heageþorne Eðelnotho prefecto suo

+ In nomine altithroni qui solus regat ac gubernat omnia omnipotenter in ævum . Ego Cuðredus rex cantwariorum cum consensu Coenuulfi regis Merciorum et his testibus quorum infra nomina tenentur adscripta . dabo Æðelnoðo prefecto meo fidelissimo in provincia Cantiæ terram . iii . aratrorum in loco qui dicitur æt Heagyðe ðorne pro conpetenti pecunia id est . iiia . milia denariorum . nunc itaque predicta terra in potestate illius sit donata cum rectis terminibus et jure hereditario firmiter fixa permaneat . seu etiam ab omni vii sæcularium servitiis intus vel foras libera perseverat sine aliquo gravidine et lesione majorum minorumv? causarum . ut habeat libertatem commutandi vel donandi in vita sua et post ejus obitum tenat facultatem relinquendi cuicumque volueris . nullus regum aut episcoporum vel principum presentium vel futurorum ista sit contemnere ausus . sin autem reddat rationem coram 'Deo' et coram angelis ejus in die revelationis domini nostri Jhesu Christi amen :--

+ Ego Coenuulf rex merciorum hanc donationem consentiendo subscribo .
+ Ego Cuðred rex Cantiæ hanc donationem meam signo sanctæ crucis Christi firmabo 7 subscribo .
+ Ego Vulfredus gratia Dei archiepiscopus consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Coenwald consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Osuulf consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Ealdberht consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Wealh consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Æðelieard consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Berhtnoð consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Ceolnoð consensi 7 's'ubscripsi .
+ Wulfred archiepiscopus .
+ Alduulf episcopus .
+ Verenberht episcopus .
+ Deneberht episcæus .
+ Tidferð episcopus .
+ Alhheard episcopus .
+ Eaduulf episcopus .
+ Wulfheard episcopus .
+ Beornmod episcopus .
+ Wigberht episcopus .
+ Alhmund episcopus .
+ Wiohthun episcopus .
+ Wigmund presbiter abbas .
+ Beonna presbiter abbas .


Endorsements : ( 1) 's . xi : Heagyþe this Dorn ( 2 ) s . xii Cuthred king gave his principal heageþorne Eðelnotho

  He rules and governs all things , who alone in the omnipotently altithroni In the name of all time. I Cuðredus cantwariorum king with the consent of the king of Mercia and Coenuulfi these witnesses whose names are written below . I will give my loyal Æðelnoðo governor in the province of Kent land . iii. plow, in a place called Corston Heagyðe money that is suitable for Dorn . III . thousands of coins. now , therefore, within the jurisdiction of the said land is to be freely given to the term and by hereditary right as the lines remain firmly fixed . or even from all seven of secular services inside or outside without any burden and continues to deliver blistering minorumv ancestors ? causes. to have the liberty of exchanging or giving in his life and after his death his ability to hold to whatever you want to quit . of kings or princes or bishops or of these presents , no one dared to despise this may be the things to come . but if not, render an account of the presence of " God", and before the angels of him in the day of the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ , Amen : -

I accept this gift Coenuulf king of Mercia subscribe.
I am the king of Kent Cuðred this my donation will establish the sign of the cross of Christ 7 subscribe.
I thank God archbishop agreed Vulfredus 7 subscribed.
I agreed Coenwald 7 subscribed.
I agreed Osuulf 7 subscribed.
I agreed Ealdberht 7 subscribed.
I agreed Wealh 7 subscribed.
I agreed Æðelieard 7 subscribed.
I agreed Berhtnoð 7 subscribed.
I agreed Ceolnoð 7 ' s'ubscripsi .
Wulfred archbishop .
Aldwulf bishop .
Verenberht bishop .
Deneberht episcæus .
Tidferð bishop .
Alhheard bishop .
Eaduulf bishop .
Wulfheard bishop .
Beornmod bishop .
Wigberht bishop .
Alhmund bishop .
Wiohthun bishop .
Wigmund priest abbot .
Beonna priest abbot .

Translation by Google Translate.

A.D. 805 (26 July, Acleah). Cuthred, king of Kent, to Wulfred, archbishop; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Hrithra leah, part of an estate of 15 hides (manentes) at Buckholt in Petham, Kent, in return for 30 mancuses.



Endorsements: (1) s. x: Hryþeraleh (2) s. xii: duorum aratrorum . Cuðred rex . Cantiæ Wluredo archiepiscopo pro xxx marcis auri (3) s. xii: latine

+ Anno ab incarnatione domini nostri Jhesu Christi dcccovo indictione xiii . ego Cuðred rex Cantiae cum licentia Coenulfi regis Merciae octabo anno regni mei a Deo concessi Wulfredo sedenti in archiepiscopatus solio . duorum aratrorum terrae in perpetuum donabo . est itaque terra illa conposita in occidentali parte xv . manentium quae dicuntur Bocholt hec duo aratra supra predicta a quibusdam campus armentorum id est hriðra leah appellantnr hoc autem modo quasi pro conparatione in pretio xxx mancusarum illi hanc prenominatam terram tradere curabo ut communem silbam secundum antiquam consuetudinem cum ceteris hominibus abeat potestas quoque ipsi datur ut in libertate terram habeat quamdiu vivat 7 postea cuicumque hominum voluelrit in aeternam libertatem derelinquat si quis hanc largit'i'onem illi augeat augeatur illi a Deo vita si quis demin'u'erit quod absid deminuetur sibi gloria in Christo nisi satisfacsione emendaverit . Huius confirmationis signa in celeberrimo loco hacleah nominato exponuntur in uiias. k'as agustus die sabbati quo transfiguratus est Christus .

+ Ego Coenuulf rex Merciæ consensi et subscripsi .
+ Alduulf episcopus .
+ Werenberht episcopus
+ Deneberht episcopus .
+ Eaduulf episcopus .
+ Wulfhard episcopus .
+ Alheard episcopus .
+ Tidferð episcopus .
+ Osmnud episcopus .
+ Wiohthun episcopus .
+ Wig[be]rht episcopus .
+ Alhmund episcopus .
+ Bernmod episcopus .
+ Alh - - - - - -
+ - - - - - abbas
+ Wernoð abbas .
+ Dudan abbas .
+ Feolageld abbas .
+ Ego Cuðred 'rex' Cantiæ consensi et subscribi .
+ Heahberht dux .
+ Beornnoð dux .
+ Cynehelm dux .
+ Tiduulf dux .
+ Wicgga dux .
+ Ceolward dux .
+ Ceolberht dux .
+ Dynne dux .
+ Wighard dux .
+ Byrnwald dux .
+ Heardberht comes .
+ Cuðred pr'.


Endorsements: (1) 's. x, Hryþeraleh (2) 's. xii two plows. Cuðred king. Wluredo of Canterbury archbishop for thirty marks of gold, (3) 's. Twelve: English

In the year from the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, + dcccovo indiction of the Thirteenth. I Cuðred king of Kent, with the permission of the king of Mercia Coenulfi octaves year of my reign, granted by God Wulfredo sat in the seat of the archbishop. I'll give two plow the land in perpetuity. Accordingly, it is in the western part of the land that was laid in the fifteenth. which are said to have continued Bocholt these two plows on the field by some of the herds that is hriðra Leah appellantnr but in this way for a comparison of the price of thirty mancuses aforenamed land to hand over to him, this will take care that the most for the common silbam with other people and they go off the power is given to the live as long as men have the freedom to any voluelrit 7 later in the eternal freedom to leave if they largit'i'onem this increase may be increased to a life that if someone demin'u'erit ARC diminished his glory in Christ satisfacsione unless amended. Confirmation of the standards set forth in the most frequented place hacleah named uiias. k'as agustus on Saturday which was transformed in Christ.

Coenuulf + I, king of the Mercians, agreed to and subscribed.
+ Aldwulf bishop. +
+ Deneberht Werenberht bishop bishop.
+ Eaduulf bishop.
+ Wulfhard bishop.
+ Alheard bishop.
+ Tidferð bishop.
+ Osmnud bishop.
+ Wiohthun bishop. Wig
+ [be] rht bishop.
+ Alhmund bishop.
+ Bernmod bishop. Alh
+ ------
+ -----
+ Wernoð abbot abbot.
+ Dudan abbot.
+ Feolageld abbot.
+ I Cuðred 'king' of Kent, agreed to and signed.
+ Heahberht leader.
+ Beornnoð leader.
+ Cynehelm leader.
+ Tiduulf leader.
+ Wicgga leader.
+ Ceolward leader.
+ Ceolberht leader.
+ Dynne leader.
+ Wighard leader.
+ Byrnwald leader.
+ Heardberht count.
Cuðred pr + '....

Translation by Google Translate.

A.D. 805. Cuthred, king of Kent, to Ealdberht, his minister, and Selethryth, abbess; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Ruckinge, Kent.



+ In nomine almo trino divino . Ego Cuthredus Rex Cantiae Anno Incarnationis Dominicae . dcccv . nostri regni concessi a Deo . v . Indictione xiiii . cum consensu atque licentia Coenulfi Regis Merciorum dabo Aldberhto meo ministro et Seleðrythe Abbatissae suæ scilicet propinquæ duos aratrorum in loco qui dicitur Hrocing quod est positus in utroque parte fluminis Liminea . cum omnibus ad eam pertinentibus bonis : hanc vero donationem illis condonabo pro pecunio eorum et pro salute anime meæ eo quod agnosco iniquitatem quod fecimus illis ideo libenti animo donavo in æternam hereditatem ab omni regale tributo ad abendam et possidendam . et post obitum suum ita in sua libertate et spontanea voluntate cuicumque hominum placuerit tradendam . Si quis vero hanc donationem meam imminuerit sit separatus a participatione corporis et sanguinis Domini nostri Jhesu Christi et in extremo die judicii a congregatione justorum nisi reatum suæ præsumptionis ante ea digna satisfactione emendaverit . Huujus vero terræ terminos ideo non ponimus quia ab accolis undique nota sunt ; nomen vero Regis hoc donum donantis . et suorum fidelium hic infra conponuntur .

+ Ego Cuthred Rex Cantiae cum signo crucis Christi confirmo hoc donum quod donavi .
+ Ego Aethelherdus gratia Dei Archiepiscopus cum signo sancte Crucis Christi confirmo .
+ Ego Beornmod episcopus consensi et subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Coenwaldi filii Regis .
+ Signum manus Wernothi Abbatis .
+ Signum manus Osulfi Principis .
+ Signum manus Eamberhti .
+ Signum manus Heahfridi .
+ Signum manus Herefrithi .
+ Signum manus Suithhuni .
+ Signum manus Wynbaldi .
+ Signum manus Berhtnodi .
+ Signum manus Aldberht .
+ Signum manus Osberhti .
+ Signum manus Berhtwaldi .
+ Signum manus Aethelurdi .
+ Signum manus Aethelnothi .


In the name of the Holy Trinity . I am the year of the Incarnation of the Lord Cuthred the King of Kent . dcccv . our kingdom , granted by God. v. Indiction fourteen. with the consent and permission of the King of Mercia Coenulfi officer, and I will give my Aldberhto Seleðrythe abbess of the two near the plow at a place called Hrocing and is situated on both sides of the river Liminea . belonging to it , with all the good things: but this , however, the money of them for a donation to them, and for the salvation of the soul, pardon my iniquity I acknowledge the fact that I gave away a free spirit in the eternal inheritance that we did to them, therefore, from all abendam and a royal tribute to possess it. and after the death of his own free will in such a way to any kind of men it shall seem good in his own freedom and transmit the . But anyone who has this gift of mine is to be separated from the lessened the participation of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the congregation of the righteous at the end of the day of judgment , except the satisfaction of a debt of his own presumption in front of them worthy to have corrected it . For this reason we do not place the ends of the earth , however, that from a Huujus inhabitants on both sides are well-known : it is the gift of the King , however, the name of the donor. , his faithful and set down together below .

Confirm with the sign of the cross of Christ I, Cuthred, King of Kent, it is the gift that I gave away .
With the sign of the Holy Cross of Christ, the grace of God Archbishop of Aethelherdus I confirm .
I Beornmod bishop, agreed and subscribed.
Hand signal Coenwaldi Princess.
Abbot Wernothi hand sign .
Prince Osulfi hand sign .
Eamberhti hand sign .
Heahfridi hand sign .
Herefrithi hand sign .
Suithhuni hand sign .
Wynbaldi hand sign .
Berhtnodi hand sign .
Ealdberht hand sign .
Osberhti hand sign .
Berhtwaldi hand sign .
Aethelurdi hand sign .
Aethelnothi hand sign .

Translation by Google Translate.

A.D. 784. Ealhmund, king of Kent, to Wihtred, abbot, and his familia at Reculver; grant of 12 sulungs (aratra) at Sheldwich, Kent.



Raculf. Scildwich.

+ Anno dominicæ incarnationis . dcc . lxxxiiii . Ego Ealmundus rex Canciæ do tibi Hwitrede honorabili abbati tuæque familiæ degenti in loco qui dicitur Raculfcestre terram duodecim aratrorum . quæ dicitur Scilduuic cum universis ad eam rite pertinentibus . liberam ab omni sæculari servitio . et ab omni regali tributo exceptis expedicione . pontis et arcis construccione . Si quis quod absit contra hoc donum meum facere temptaverit ; iram omnipotentis Dei incurrat . et cum impiis et peccatoribus flammis ultricibus sine fine dampnetur .

+ Ego Iambertus archiepiscopns Canciæ hanc regis donationem et excommunicacionem consenciens et subscribens confirmo .


Raculf. Scildwich.

+ Year of Our Lord. seven. eighty. Kent King Ealmundus I give you and your family living in a place called the abbot Hwitrede honorable Raculfcestre twelve plow the land. Scilduuic called to it, with all the appropriate. free from all the service. and except for the execution of all regal tribute. The building of the bridge to the Castle. If, God forbid, any one who tries to do against this gift of mine; incur the wrath of Almighty God. and may he be damned with the wicked: and sinners at the end without avenging flames.

+ I Iambertus archiepiscopns Kent excommunication and that his royal consent to donation and encourage the subscriber.

Translation by Google Translate.

A.D. 765 x 785. Ecgberht, king of Kent, to Deora, bishop of Rochester, and the church of St Andrew; grant of 10 sulungs (aratra) at Halling, Kent, with appurtenant swine-pastures at Bixle, Speldhurst, Mæreden, Rusthall and Teppanhyse, Kent.

Latin with bounds.


Rubric: De Hallingas;

+ In nomine domini saluatoris nostri Iesu Christi . Omnem igitur hominem sicut frequenter celesti magisterio adhortante didicimus . qui sub Christiana religione uite celestis premia consequi desiderat . necesse est ut in presenti pietatis insistat operibus . et terrenis rebus atque transitoriis in quantum deo largiente sufficiat sibimet eterna mercatur bona . suasque preces ad diuinam peruenire clementiam cotidie citius per hoc faciat . Quod ipse aliorum in suis necessitatibus libenter exaudiat . attentius reminiscens quod quibusque religiosis postulationibus tanto libentius tantoque promptius consensus prebendus est ; quanto et illis qui praecatores sunt utilior res secundum hoc uisibile seculum nunc impertitur . et illis qui concessores existunt . pro impertito opere pietatis uberior merces secundum inuisibile postmodum tribuetur . Quamobrem ego Egcberth rex Cantie tibi dilectissimo episcopo Dioran atque tue ecclesie que in honore Sancti Andreae apostoli consecrata est . pro remedio anime mee cum consensu meorum optimatum atque principum terram iuris mei decem aratrorum in loco ubi nominatur Hallingas cum omnibus scilicet ad eam pertinentibus rebus iuxta terminos indigenis certissimos . cum campis siluis pratis paludibus piscationibus uenationibus aucupationibus . libenter tenendam possidendamque concedo . ita ut quicquid de ea agere uolueris . liberam per omnia in perpetuo potestatem teneas . Quisquis igitur heredum successorumque meorum hanc donationem meam augere atque amplificare uoluerit ; habeat beatam communionem in presenti cum diligentibus deum . et in futuro perpetuam cum omnibus sanctis . Quisquis autem maliuola mente de illa immutare aut imminuere temptauerit ; separetur a societate non solum aeterne felicitatis omnium sanctorum . sed etiam in eterna pena cum scelerum suorum crudelibus comparticipibus sit condemnatus . At uero ut hanc donationem meam quilibet hominum aliquando non possit irritam facere ; manu propria signum sancte crucis subtus in hac pagina facere curaui . testesque religiosos ut idipsum facerent adhibeo . Adiectis denberis in commune saltu . Bixle . Speldhirst . Meredæn ðær be eastan . et Rusteuuellæ . 7 Teppanhyse .

+ Ego Egcberhtus rex hanc donationem a me factam signo sancte crucis roboraui .
+ Ego Heaberhtus rex signo sancte crucis roboraui et subscripsi .
+ Ego Iaenberhtus archiepiscopus gratia dei consensi et subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Eangisli .
+ Signum manus Udan.
+ Signum manus Balthardi .
+ Signum manus Egesnothi .
+ Signum manus Uban .
+ Signum manus Tyccan .
+ Signum manus Heardraedi .
+ Signum manus Uuiohtnothi .
+ Signum manus Coenberhti .

Termini locorum . Sunt autem termini a loco qui uocatur Hrofesbreta usque in arborem qui uocatur Cutues ac . et inde uia recta per medium campum que appellatur Hiuetinhamstedi . usque in locum qui dicitur Hallesmeri . et inde circumit per locum qui uocatur Heortleagu . usque in flumen Medeuuæge .


Rubric of Halling ;

+ In the name of the Lord our Saviour Jesus Christ . Then, as he often urged them to learn all the heavenly guidance . who wants to achieve the rewards of heavenly life under the Christian religion . it is necessary that in the present must persist in the works of piety . By God and the things of earth and transitory as a good enough business for themselves eternal . and his daily prayers to the divine mercy come quickly through this procedure. May He be pleased to hear of others in their needs . remembering that they prefer the more fervently religious demands much more enthusiastic consent allowance is , how much , and those who are more useful praecatores visible thing in this world now imparts . and those who exist concessores . bestowed richer reward for the work of the invisible subsequently given . Wherefore, I, king of Kent Egcberth beloved bishop Dioran you and your church that is dedicated in honor of the Apostle Andrew . for the salvation of my soul and with the consent of my best men of the princes of the earth with a plow and in the place where it is mentioned ten of my rights, Halling, with all things belonging to it that is the most established on the borders . with fields , meadows , forest swamps hunting fowlings fisheries . willingly hold possidendamque concede. of in such a way that whatever you wish to do those things . set at liberty , in all things are in a perpetual power to hold it. Therefore, the heirs and successors of my might wish to increase and enhance this gift of mine , in the present with the love God has blessed communion . lasting one with all the saints and in the future . But any malicious attempt to reduce or change his mind about that , not only separated from the society of eternal happiness of all saints . but also in eternal pain with their heinous , cruel sharers is condemned . But with the truth so that it can not be set aside at any time that any man this gift of mine to do; under his own hand, the sign of the holy cross have taken care to make in this page . religious and testimony that the same thing would apply. Additional denberis concerted leap. Bixle . Speldhirst . Meredæn ðær be eastan . and Rusteuuellæ . 7 Teppanhyse .

Egcberhtus + I, the king of a donation made ​​by me in this sign of the holy cross.
+ I, the king of the sign of the holy cross Heaberhtus to strengthen and subscribed. Iaenberhtus
+ I, Archbishop of the grace of God , agreed to and subscribed.
+ Sign Eangisli hand .
+ Sign Udan hand .
+ Sign Balthardi hand .
+ Sign Egesnothi hand .
+ Sign Uban hand .
+ Sign Tyccan hand .
+ Sign Heardraedi hand .
+ Sign Uuiohtnothi hand .
+ Sign Coenberhti hand .

Geographical boundaries . There are , however, the terms of which is called from the place which is called Hrofesbreta up into a tree and captured the call and ask. and from there straight road through the middle of the field which is called Hiuetinhamstedi . as far as to the place that is said to Hallesmeri . and from there around the place which is called Heortleagu . Medeuuæge until the river .

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A.D. 779 (Rochester). Ecgberht, king of Kent, to Deora, bishop of Rochester; grant of a half sulung (aratrum) at Bromhey in Frindsbury, Kent, and a marsh on the Iaenlade (? Yantlet Creek).



Rubric: Item de Bromgehege ;

+ In nomine domini nostri Iesu Christi . Cum quis religiosorum uirorum fideliter deo famulantibus ex temporalibus terrenisque substantiis donare decreuerit . hoc pro certo Christo donatori bonorum omnium redonare constat . Vnde et ego Egcberht rex Cantie tibi uenerando Dioran Hrofensis ecclesie antistiti trado dimidiam partem unius aratri contiguam uidelicet eiusdem quantitatis terrulam . in regione uocabulo Bromieheg . a me antea traditae . Insuper et adiciam mariscem pertinentem ad aridam et ad aque ripam Iaenlade habentem quasi quinquaginta iugerum . et ut in tua sit facultate in perpetuum habendam possidendam tradendamque cuicunque elegeris hominum ; et siquis tam ausus sit hanc donationem meam infringere temptauerit ; sit anathema maranatha1 . Hanc cartulam in sua stabilitate manentem consentientibus religiosis personis et subscribentibus signo crucis Christi roboraui quorum nomina cum propriis infra notentur signaculis . Actum anno ab incarnatione Christi . dcclxxix . in ciuitate supradicta .
+ Ego Ecgberhtus donator signum crucis Christi impressi .
+ Signum manus Boba .
+ Signum manus Balthard .
+ Signum manus Uue'a'lhard .
 + Signum manus Banta .
+ Signum manus Billnoth .
+ Signum manus Osuulf .
+ Signum manus Bubba .
+ Signum manus Balthard .

1 I Cor. 16: 22


Rubric : Item of Bromgehege ;

+ In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. When one of the religious men who serve God faithfully from temporal and earthly substances give decree. Christ the Giver of all good redonare clear it for granted . And so I , king of Kent Egcberht you deliver to the bishop of Rochester, the venerable Dioran plow half of one small piece of land adjoining the same size , of course . Bromieheg name in the region . I formerly taught . Pertaining to land and water , marsh, and will add further to the bank as having Iaenlade fifty acres . and that it is in your ability to ever have to possess any tradendamque chosen men, and so if anyone has dared to attempt to break this gift of mine , let maranatha1 . This charter , in its continuing stability of the agreement and the signature sign cross of Christ religious persons whose names are noted below with their own seals . Act of the year from the incarnation of Christ. dcclxxix . in the city of the above .
+ I, the donor Ecgberhtus the sign of the cross of Christ impressed upon it .
+ Sign Boba hand .
+ Sign Balthard hand .
+ Sign Uue'a'lhard hand .
+ Mark hands were .
+ Sign Billnoth hand .
+ Sign Osuulf hand .
+ Sign Bubba hand .
 + Sign Balthard hand .

1 1 Cor. 16: 22

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A.D. 778 (Canterbury). Ecgberht, king of Kent, to Deora, bishop of Rochester; grant of a half sulung (aratrum) a Bromhey in Frindsbury, Kent, and a marsh called Scaga. Latin, with bounds of appurtenant meadows in Hreodham (? Redham in Cliffe, Kent).


Endorsements: (1) in a hand of s. x: + Bromgehæges boc. (2) in a hand of s. xv: Egcbertus rex

+ In nomine domini nostri Iesu Christi . pietatis beneficium quod quisque fidelium pro Christi reuerentia seruo dei fideliter domino seruienti misericorditer contulerit Christo hoc conferre dinoscitur . nam ipse in fine mundi ad electos suos loquens dicturus est . cum uni ex minimis meis fecistis mihi fecistis1 . Idcirco ego Egcberhtus rex Cantiae . hanc dominicam sententiam memoriter retinens et piis operibus deo instigante adimplere curabo tibi Dioran Hrofensis ecclesiae antistiti aliquam partem terrae iuris mei libenter concedo id est dimidiam unius aratri partem ubi nominatur Bromgeheg simul et mariscem uocabulo Scaga et ut per omne ab hac die et deinceps subsequens tempus cum notissimis terminis omnibusque utilitatibus ad eam rite pertinentibus tuo proprio iuri aeternaliter habendam possidendam tradendamque cuicumque hominum uolueris hilari concedo animo huius autem marisci terminus est aqua pene undique circumperfusa . Siquis ergo heredum successorumque meorum contra hanc piam donationem meam uenire fuerit ausus et temerare eam inuido maliuoloque temtauerit animo sit anathema maranatha2 . Manente hac chartula in sua nihilominus stabilitate quam roborare propria manu curaui et alios idoneos religiososque testes 'ut' id ipsum agerent adhibui quorum nomina infra caraxata continentur . Actum anno dominicae incarnationis . dcclxxviii . in ciuitati Dorouerni .

+ Ego Egcberhtus rex Cantiae hanc donationem meam signo crucis Christi roboraui
+ Ego Iaenberhtus archiepiscopus testis consentiens subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Escuuald presbyter
+ Signum manus Uban .
+ Signum manus Boban .
+ Signum manus Uualhard .
+ Signum manus Ubban .
+ Signum manus Aldhun .
+ Signum manus Sigired .
+ Signum manus Esni .
+ Eaniardi

... Huic uero terre adiacent prate ubi dicitur Hreodham . in iiiior . locis . in uno loco . xviim . agros . on eastan Clifwara gemære . 7 on suðan Tucincgnæs . 7 on wæstan Culinga gemære . 7 on norðan ; et in alio loco . xiim . agros . on eastan is Culinga gemære. 7 on suðan Clifwara gemeere . 7 on westan . 7 on norðan ; et in tertio loco . viim . agros . be eas'tan' . is Mearcfleot . 7 be suðan . 7 be westan 7 be norðan is Clifwara gemere ; et in quarto loco . sex agros . be eastan is Clifwara gemære . 7 be suðan is Culinga gemære. 7 be westan is 7 be norðan Clifwara gemære ;

1 Matt. 25: 40, 45 2 I Cor. 16: 22


Endorsements : ( 1 ) on a hand of the Sts. x + Bromgehæges this . ( 2) Not in the from of the Sts. XV: Egcbertus king

+ In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. benefit of what each of the faithful servant of God, reverence for Christ faithfully master sergeant mercifully bestowed this transmits to Christ . for he , speaking at the end of the world to his elect is going to say . ye have done it unto one of the least of mine with me fecistis1 . Therefore I Egcberhtus king of Kent . this Lord's vote , held in memory and good works inspired him to fulfill God will take care of the church, the bishop of Rochester Dioran you have willingly concede a portion of land that is half of one side of the plow is mentioned by name Scaga Bromgeheg together and marsh and that from this day forward, every time with the following known boundaries and all the advantages it appropriate to have your own law eternally tradendamque possess any of you want to grant the cheerful spirit of this term is the marsh water almost everywhere circumperfusa . So if any of my heirs and successors has dared to go against this loving gift of mine and pollute it with an envious maliuoloque temtauerit maranatha2 be anathema . Detracting from this paper likewise in its own hands to strengthen the stability of the care and other suitable religious witnesses' that's the very thing I invited caraxata whose names are included below . Enacted in the year of our Lord . dcclxxviii . Dorouerni in the city .

+ I , king of Kent Egcberhtus this my donation sign cross of Christ
+ I Iaenberhtus archbishop witness agreement signed.
+ Sign
+ Sign priest hands Escuuald hand Uban .
+ Sign Boban hand .
+ Sign Uualhard hand .
+ Sign Ubban hand .
+ Sign Aldhun hand .
+ Sign Sigired hand .
+ Sign Esni hand .
+ Eaniardi

... But this land is adjacent to the meadow where it says Hreodham . in the last four . places. in one place. xvii. fields . on eastan Clifwara moan . 7 Tucincgnæs on Sudan . 7 on wæstan Culinga moan . Northumberland that on May 7 , and in another place . xiim . fields . eastan Culinga moan on it . 7 on Sudan Clifwara moan . Westan on May 7 . Northumberland that on May 7 , and in the third place . seventh . fields . eas'tan be us . " Mearcfleot it . 7 BE Sudan. 7 7 BE BE westan Northumberland Clifwara atop it , and in fourth place . six fields . BE eastan Clifwara he groans . 7 BE Sudan Culinga he groans . 7 7 BE BE westan he Northumberland Clifwara mourn

1 Matt . 25: 40, 45 1 2 Heart . 16: 22

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A.D. 765. Ecgberht, king of Kent, to Eardwulf, bishop; grant of a viculus and 2 iugera at Rochester, confirmed by Heahberht, king of Kent, and (A.D. 765 x 772, Medeshamstede) by Offa, king of the Mercians.



+ In nomine summi saluatoris et domini nostri qui ubique disponit omnia . ego Ecgberhtus rex Cantie . tibi Eardulfo meo fidelissimo ministro atque episcopo . tuae peticioni assensum prebui cum consensu scilicet uenerandi archiepiscopi Genberhti qui michi in omnibus carus est . necnon et principum meorum trado terram intra castelli moenia supranominati id est Hrofiscestri unum uiculum cum duobus iugeribus adiacentem platee que est terminus a meridie huius terre quam tibi modo in presenti possidendam habendamque . et cuicumque uolueris te uiuente seu moriente dare eternaliter perdono . Siquis autem hanc donationem meam inuido maliuoloque infringere temptauerit animo . sit separatus in hoc seculo a participatione corporis et sanguinis domini nostri Iesu Christi . et in futuro a cetu omnium sanctorum segregatus nisi antea suam presumptionem digna satisfactione correxerit . Manentem hanc kartulam in sua semper stabilitate . suprascriptam donationem meam signo sancte crucis confirmare curabo . et alios religiosos uiros ut et ipsum agerent adhibui quorum nomina cum signaculis dominice crucis intra tenentur . Actum anno dominice incarnationis . dcclxv .
+ Ego Egcberhtus rex Cantie . hanc donationem meam signo sancte crucis roborare curabo .
+ Ego Gengberhtus gratia dei archiepiscopus . consensi et subscripsi .
+ Ego Badenoð episcopus consensi et subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Uban .
+ Signum manus Udan.
+ Signum manus Aldhun .
+ Signum manus Uuilheri .
+ Signum manus Uualhardi .
+ Signum manus Tymbel .
+ Signum manus Coenberhti .
+ Signum manus Balhhardi .
+ Signum manus Aethelnodi .

Rubric: Confirmatio Heaberhti regis Cantie .

+ Ego Heaberhtus rex Cant' 'testis' consensi et subscripsi .
+ Ego Aldberhtus abbas subscripsi.
+ Signum manus Esni .
+ Singum manus Badohardi .
+ Signum manus Tidheah .
+ Signum manus Baldhordi .
+ Signum manus Eadberhti .
+ Signum manus Hetraedi .
+ Signum manus Beornulfi .
+ Signum manus Heara .

Rubric: Confirmatio Offae regis Merciorum .

+ Ego Offa rex Merciorum ad peticionem Earduulfi episcopi hanc donationem in monasterio quod appellatus est Medyhaemstede presidente abbate Botuuino meo manu atque impressione sancte crucis Christi corroboraui et . licentiam dedi habendi seu tradendi cuicunque uoluisset .
+ Ego Botuuine abbas consensi et subscripsi .


+ In the name of our Lord and Saviour of the most high , who orders all things in all places . I Ecgberhtus king of Kent . Eardwulf you my most faithful minister and bishop . that is, with the consent of your requested assent unto me in a venerable archbishop of Genberhti who is dear to all . as well as the leaders of my hand over the land within the walls of the castle that is named Hrofiscestri one hamlet with two acres of land which lies to the south border of the public squares and in the way you present possess habendamque . And to whatever you wish you lived or died eternally give pardons . Should anyone attempt to infringe this my donation maliuoloque an envious mind . is separated in this world who participate in the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. and in the future gathering of all the saints , separated from the impulsiveness of his due reward of our satisfaction except they be first corrected . This kartulam always remaining in its stability. aforesaid rule my donation, I will take care to confirm the sign of the holy cross . I took unto itself, and that the men whose names they were doing and other religious to when they are held within the seals of the cross of the Lord ' . Act year of Our Lord . dcclxv .
+ I Egcberhtus king of Kent . this my donation, I will take care to reinforce the sign of the holy cross .
+ I, by the grace of God archbishop of Gengberhtus . , agreed to and signed. Badenoð
+ I, bishop, agreed and subscribed.
+ Sign Uban hand .
+ Sign Udan hand .
+ Sign Aldhun hand .
+ Sign Uuilheri hand .
+ Sign Uualhardi hand .
+ Sign Tymbel hand .
+ Sign Coenberhti hand .
+ Sign Balhhardi hand .
+ Sign Aethelnodi hand .

Rubric : Confirmation Heaberhti of Kent .

+ I, the king of Heaberhtus of Canterbury , " witness" , agreed to and subscribed.
+ I Aldberhtus abbot subscribed.
+ Sign Esni hand .
+ Singer Badohardi hand .
+ Sign Tidheah hand .
+ Sign Baldhordi hand .
+ Sign Eadberhti hand .
+ Sign Hetraedi hand .
+ Sign Beornulfi hand .
+ Sign of the heart.

Rubric : Confirmation of Offa , king of Mercia .

+ I, King Offa of Mercia, at the request of Bishop Earduulfi this donation, the abbot of the monastery which was named president Medyhaemstede Botuuino my hand, and the influence of the holy cross of Christ , and corroborated . I had wanted to have a license or any period .
+ I, the abbot Botuuine , agreed to and subscribed.

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A.D. 761 x 764 (probably 762 x 764). Sigered, king of half Kent, to Eardwulf, bishop of Rochester; grant of 20 sulungs (aratra) at Islingham, Kent, and swine-pastures in the western Weald, with confirmation by King Eanmund.



Rubric: Item de Aeslingeham .

+ In nomine domini dei saluatoris nostri Iesu Christi . Quanuis parua et exigua sint que pro ammissis offerimus . tamen pius omnipotens deus non quantitatem muneris sed deuotionem offerentium semper inquirit . Qua de re ego Sigeredus rex dimidie partis prouincie Cantuariorum . tam pro anime mee remedio quam pro amore omnipotentis dei . terram aratrorum . xxti . que appellatur Aeslingaham tibi reuerentissimo episcopo Earduulfo sancte Hrofensis ecclesie . cum uniuersis ad se pertinentibus . campis siluis pratis pascuis paludibus et aquis et cum omni tributo quod regibus inde dabatur in potestatem cum consilio et consensu principum meorum libenter in perpetuum perdono . ut possidendi uel habendi siue uendendi uel etiam tradendi cuicumque uoluerit liberam per omnia habeat potestatem . Sane quia cauendum est ne hodiernam donationem nostram futuri temporis abnegare ualeat . et in ambiguum deuocare presumptio; placuit michi hanc paginam condere . et una cum cespite terre praedicte tradere tibi . per quam non solum omnibus meis successoribus regum siue principum . sed etiam michi ipsi penitus interdico . ne aliter quam nunc a me constitutum est ullo tempore de eadem terra quippiam agere audeant . Quod siqui forte obseruare neglexerint . et absque digna satisfactione praesentis uite impleuerint infelices dies . audient uocem eterni iudicis sub fine mundi dicentis ad impios . discedite 'a me' maledicti in ignem eternum qui preparatus est diabolo et angelis eius.1 Qui uero curauerint custodire . nichilque inrogarint aduersi . audiunt uocem clementissimi arbitri inquientis ad pios . Venite benedicti patris mei percipite regnum quod uobis paratum est ab origine mundi2 . Adiectis . iiii . dænberis in commune saltu . hoc est Uueald se uuestra . Billincgden . Cealcbyras . Meosden . Rindigsel . + Ego Sigeredus rex hanc donationem a me factam signum sancte crucis propria manu scribendo firmaui coram Bregouuino archiepiscopo . + Ego Bregouuinus archiepiscopus ad peticionem donatoris ante praedicti consensi et subscripsi . + Signum manus Hereberhti abbatis . + Signum manus Baere abbatis . + Signum manus Bruno abbatis . + Signum manus Aescuualdi presbyteri. + Signum manus Ecgbaldi?c comitis atque prefecti . + Signum manus Ealdhuuni . + Signum manus Esne . + Signum manus Badohardi . Signum manus Aethelnodi .

Rubric: Confirmatio Eanmundi regis.

+ Ego Eanmundus rex hanc piam donationem suprascriptam propria manu roborandam hoc signaculo sanctae crucis expressi . in loco cuius uocabulum est Godgeocesham . presente uenerabili archiepiscopo Bregouuino et consentiente . consilio quippe atque consensu omnium optimatum et principum gentis Cantuariorum .
+ Ego Iaenberhtus abbas consentiens testis affui et subscripsi .
+ Ego Huuaetred abbas consensi et subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Egesnoði .
+ Signum manus Balthhardi .
+ Signum manus Aldhuni .
+ Signum manus Uda .
+ Signum manus Puda .

1 Matt. 25: 41. 2 Matt. 25: 34.


Rubric : Item of Aeslingeham .

+ In the name of the Lord God of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Though small and petty things that we offer for the CRIME . the amount of the gift, but not yet good god almighty devotion donors always seeks. Wherefore, I, the king of half a Sigeredus part of the province of Kent . as much for the remedy of my soul than for the love of the Almighty God. plow the land . twenty . which you called Aeslingaham reverend Bishop of Rochester Earduulfo holy church . with all that belongs to it . fields, meadows, pastures, marshes, woods and waters, and with that all tribute to kings , with the advice and consent of the princes of my gladly This led me into the power of pardon in perpetuity . as possessing or possessing or selling or even giving any free will in all things have jurisdiction. Of course, care should be taken because it is not a donation to our present-day thank you very much to deny the future tense . and the ambiguous deuocare presumption , I decided to make this page . and , together with the turf of the aforesaid land to hand over to you. , which was not only of the kings of all my successors, or of princes. but also I myself have absolutely forbid . now than at any time in any other way might not be of the same land from the I make a dare to do any thing to deal with . If perhaps someone neglected to note . and satisfaction of the present life without fitting impleuerint unhappy day . of the judge shall hear the voice of the eternal under the end of the world say to the wicked . Refrain ' from me ' who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and angels , he that eius.1 curauerint to keep . inrogarint opposing any concession . he heard a voice saying; arbiters gracious to the pious . Come, ye blessed of my father, receive the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of mundi2 . Added. four . dænberis common in the forest . that is itself Uueald uuestra . Billincgden . Cealcbyras . Meosden . Rindigsel .

+ I Sigeredus king donation made by me this sign of the cross to strengthen his own hand writing before Bregouuino archbishop .
+ I, on the petition of the donor before the archbishop of Bregouuinus of the aforesaid , agreed to and subscribed.
+ Sign Hereberhti hand Abbot.
+ Mark Baer hand Abbot.
+ Mark Abbot Bruno hand .
+ Sign Aescuualdi hands of priests .
+ Sign Ecgbaldi hand ? C count and appointed .
+ Sign Ealdhuuni hand .
+ Mark Are you a hand .
+ Sign Badohardi hand .
Aethelnodi hand sign .

Rubric : Confirmation Eanmundi king.

+ I, the king of this loving gift of the aforesaid rule Eanmundus strengthen their own hand, pressed them with this mark of the holy cross . in a place whose name is Godgeocesham . the presence of the venerable Archbishop Bregouuino unanimous . for the advice and consent of all the nobles and princes of the nation of Kent .
+ I Iaenberhtus abbot consenting witnesses were present and signed.
+ I, the abbot Huuaetred , agreed to and subscribed.
+ Sign Egesnoði hand .
+ Sign Balthhardi hand .
+ Sign Aldhuni hand .
+ Sign wet hands .
+ Sign Puda hand .

1 Matt . 25 : 41 . 2 Matt . 25 : 34 .

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A.D. 762. Sigered, king of Kent, to Eardwulf, bishop, to augment his monastery; grant of 1.5 iugera in the northern part of the city of Rochester.

Latin with bounds.


+ In nomine domini nostri Iesu Christi . Omnem hominem qui secundum deum uiuit et remunerari a deo sperat et optat . oportet ut piis precibus assensum hilariter ex animo prebeat . Quoniam certum est tanto facilius ea quae quisque a deo poposcerit consequi posse quanto et ipse libentius hominibus recte postulata concesserit . Quo circa ego Sigiraed rex Cantiae tibi uenerabili Earduulfo episcopo ut diligenter postulasti aliquam particulam terre iuris mei id est quasi unius et semis iugeri in ciuitate Hrofi ad augmentum monasterii tui eternaliter possidendam concedo ac describo cum omnibus scilicet ad eam pertinentibus rebus . Hec autem terrula ab aquilonali porte monasterii tui iacet . et pertingit usque ad septentrionalem murum prefate ciuitatis intra terras uidelicet quas antea ab oriente et occidente possedisti et ideo hec tibi satis accommoda quia in medio iacebat . Siquis autem contra hanc donationem meam aliquando uenire inuido maliuoloque animo temptauerit . sit in presenti separatus a communione sancte aecclesie Christi . et in futuro a societate sanctorum omnium segregatus . Manentem hanc kartulam in sua semper firmitate signo dominice crucis roboraui et idoneos testes ut et id ipsum facerent adhibui . Actum indictione . xv . anno dominice incarnationis . dcclxii .

+ Ego Sigiraed rex Cantiae . hanc donationem meam signo sancte crucis roboraui .
+ Ego Eadberht rex Cantiae . consentiens propria manu confirmaui .
+ Ego Bregouuine archiepiscopus . consensi et subscripsi .
+ Ego Aldhuun abbas subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Suuithuun .
+ Signum manus Aethilhuun.
+ Signum manus Esni .
+ Signum manus Egbaldi .
+ Signum manus Uuighaað .
+ Signum manus Bunan .
+ Signum manus Heabeorhti .
+ Signum manus Tiidheah .


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. The man who is to be rewarded by God according to God for all the lives and hopes and desires . must assent cheerfully pious prayers from the heart we need . Since it is certain that each one of those things that are so much the more easily are called upon by God, by how much also he is more willing to be able to obtain the demands of right to a man the display. What about you, venerable king of Kent Earduulfo Sigiraed I carefully asked the bishop to some portion of the land from my property that is like one and a half an acre of land in the city of Rochester to increase your monastery eternally possess grant and describe all the things belonging to it . This small piece of land from the northern gate of the monastery of your lies . within the wall of the north of the city and reaching even to that of the aforementioned countries and, therefore, of course, which he had previously purchased from the east and the west, suitable enough for these things to you because they are in the midst of lay. Should anyone against this gift my previous attempt to come to an envious maliuoloque mind . in the present is separated from the communion of the Holy Church of Christ. set apart from the fellowship of all the saints and in the future . This kartulam always remaining in their reliability as witnesses to the sign of the Lord's cross and thereby make attainments. Act levy. xv. year of Our Lord . dcclxii .

I Sigiraed king of Kent . my donation, this sign of the holy cross.
I Eadberht king of Kent . Agree with his own hand , confirmed.
I Bregouuine archbishop . , agreed to and signed.
I Aldhuun abbot subscribed.
Suuithuun hand sign .
Aethilhuun hand sign .
Esni hand sign .
Egbaldi hand sign .
Uuighaað hand sign .
Bunan hand sign .
Heabeorhti hand sign .
Tiidheah hand sign .

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c. A.D. 748 x 762. Eardwulf, king of the men of Kent, to Heaberht, abbot, and his familia in the minster at Reculver; grant of 1 sulung (aratrum) at Perhamstede in Higham Upshire, Kent.



Endorsement (s. xii): Perstede . Eardulfus Rex Ca. ad Ecclesiam de Raculf Perhamstede . i . ar' . Latine . .

+ In nomine domini Dei nostri Jhesu Christi . Piis religiosisque petitionibus et maxime fideliter famulantium Deo omnem hominem qui secundum Deum vivit et remunerari a Deo sperat et optat necesse est ut hilariter assensum ex animo praebeat quoniam certum est tanto facilius ea quae quisque a Deo poposcerit consequi posse quanto et ipse libentius hominibus utiliter postulata concesserit . quod tunc bonorum omnium largitori Deo acceptabile sit cum pro ejus amore et utilitate famulantium ei peragitur. Quamobrem ego Eardulfus rex Cantiae tibi venerabili Heaberhcto abbate tuaeque familiae consistenti in monasterio quod nominatur Ricuulfi pro Dei omnipotentis Dei amore et spe supernae mercedis ut diligenter peti's'tis terram juris mei id est unius aratri in loco qui dicitur Perhamstede cum campis silvis pascuis venationibus omnibusque necessariis ad eam pertinentibus rebus juxta terminos videlicet antiquos et indigenis certissimos aeterna traditione pro remedio scilicet animæ meae et orationum suffragio vestrarum libenter possedendam concedo . Ita dumtaxat ut quicquid de ea fieri volueritis sive in donando sive in accomodando vel in commutuando liberam sempiternaliter potestatem habeatis . Haec autem terrula habetur in regione caestruuara ubi nominatur heahhaam et adjacet a meridie sive occidente novem illis aratris quae prius scilicet dominii vestri fuerant quaeque a patre meo Eadberhtuo vobis esse donata manifestum est . Quisquis igitur ex quolibet vel ex ecclesiastico gradu vel ex saeculari dignitate his qui utiliter pro Dei intuitu servis Christi concessimus invido malivoloque animo contraire praesumpserit aut in aliqua re praefatam donationem nostram inritam facere temptaverit . Sciat se sine dubio et in praesenti ob meritum malitiae suae juste excommunicatum fieri a corpore et sanguine Christi et in futuro procul segregatum ab his qui a dextris Christi propter opera pietatis adstrare et illam beatam vocem audire meruerint 'Venite benedicti patris mei percipite regnum quod vobis paratum est ab origine mundi' . Manentem hanc kartulam in sua nihilominus firmitate cum consensu venerabilis episcopi nostri Earduulfi necnon et principum meorum canonice roborare ut infra patescit curavi .

+ Ego Eardulfus rex Cantiae praefatam donationem meam per propriam manum signo sanctae crucis roboravi .
+ Ego Earduulfus Hrofensis ecclesiae episcopus consentiens subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Folcuuinis .
+ Signum manus Uuihtbrordis .
+ Signum manus Uuealhunes .
+ Signum manus Aethelnothes .

Shorter version (from Birch 176)


+ Ego Eardulfus . rex Canciæ tibi venerabilis Heahberte . abba . tuæquæ familiæ consistenti in loco qui dicitur Raculfe . concedo terram unius aratri in loco qui nominatur Perhamstede cum omnibus ad eam rite pertinentibus . liberam ab omnibus sæcularibus serviciis .


Endorsement (S. xii ) Perstede . Eardwulf King Ca . to the Church of Raculf Perhamstede . i. ar ' . Latin. .

+ In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God . Pleas and the most pious and religious faithfully serving God to every person who lives according to God and be rewarded by God , hopes and desires , it is necessary to give cheerfully assent from the heart because it is certain that the easier things are called upon by God to be able to obtain any more and be more useful to the demands of the display . that it will then be acceptable to God, the Giver of all good things with him for his love for the servants and utility is taking place . King of Kent, to you and your own family, the venerable abbot Wherefore I, Eardwulf Heaberhcto that is named, settled as in the monastery of Reculver, for the love of Almighty God and the hope of eternal reward as of right, the land of my property, that is of a single carefully peti's'tis plow the fields, the woods, in the place that is said to Perhamstede with pastures for wild game, and all necessary things belonging to it , to wit, on the borders of the eternal tradition of the ancient and most established of prayers for the salvation of my soul and possessed freely your vote . Insofar as whatever it will be , or in giving or adapting or in exchanging free forever have the power . This small piece of land is held in the country where it is used caestruuara heahhaam and present them to the south or west, nine plows , which previously had been the domain of your things from my father Eadberhtuo be given to you is clear. Therefore anyone from any position in the church or from the secular or the dignity of those who have been useful for the sake of God, servants of Christ granted an envious malivoloque mind presumes to act against or in any thing of the aforementioned gift of our vain attempts to do . Let it know that without a doubt, justly excommunicated person, and of his malice, in the present , for their service to be done at a distance from the body and the blood of Christ and in the future on the right hand of Christ, for works of piety separated by those that have to listen to the voice of that blessed and they have earned the adstrare ' Come, ye blessed of my father, receive the kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of the world . " Continuing this kartulam likewise in its steadfastness with the agreement of our venerable bishops and leaders of my Earduulfi well as further strengthen canonically opens zealously.

Eardwulf, + I, king of Kent, the aforementioned gift of mine in my own hand with the mark of the holy cross confirmed it.
+ I Earduulfus Rochester church bishop agreement signed.
+ Sign Folcuuinis hand .
+ Sign Uuihtbrordis hand .
+ Sign Uuealhunes hand .
+ Sign Aethelnothes hand .

Shorter version (from Birch 176)

Perhamstede .

+ I Eardwulf . you Heahberte venerable king of Kent . Abba. and your families resident in the place called Raculfe . I agree with all the land of one plow in the place that is named Perhamstede rightly belong to her . free from all secular services .

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A.D. 762 for c. 748 x 760. Eardwulf, king of Kent, to the church of St Andrew, Rochester; grant of pasture rights at Holanspic, at Petteridge in Brenchley, and at Lindridge, Kent.



Rubric: De pascuis porcorum xii. gregum

+ In nomine dei summi . Multi quidem in hoc seculo constitutionem et narrationem antiquorum pro huius uitae fauore et concupiscentia deprauare conati sunt . qui istius erumni seculi laudem querunt . et multo magis hominibus placere quam deo diligunt sicut ipse procurator nomine Uualhhun contra episcopum Hrofensis ecclesie sine intermissione congressum discrimini fecit circa porcorum pascua in silba que appellatus est Caestruuarouualth. Iccirco '+' ego Earduulfus rex Cantuariorum conflictionum eorum ad nichilum redigo quia coram testibus et optimatibus meis concedo ad ecclesiam Sancte Andreae pro remedio animae mee atque meorum patruum . xii . greguum porcorum ad serbandum in publicis locis id est ut incoli nominandi dicunt . Holanspic . alius Paetlanhrygc . tercius Lindhrygc. Hoc autem numerus . xii . gregum in istis tribus partibus singulariter in unoquoque teneatur. Si quis uero quod absit heredum meorum hanc donationem infringere aut minuere presumat sciat se ab omnipotenti deo et a sanctorum angelorum consortio separatum et in eterna perditione damnatum . manente hac donatione mea . in sua nichilominus firmitate perseueret. Anno ab incarnatione Christi . dcclxii . indictione . xv . +

Ego Earduulfus rex Cantuariorum supradicta omnia uolens confirmabi et signum sancte crucis impressi.
+ Ego Cuthberchtus gratia dei archiepiscopus ad peticionem Earduulfi episcopi consensi et subscripsi.
+ Ego Aethilberchtus rex Cantie consensi et subscripsi.
+ Ego Balthard consensi et subscriptsi.
+ Ego Duunuualla subscripsi.
+ Ego Aethelhun subscripsi.
+ Ego Aldberht subscripsi.
+ Ego Ruta subscripsi.
+ Ego Folcuuine subscripsi.
+ Ego Uuiohtbrord subscripsi.
+ Ego Balthhard supscripsi.
+ Ego Badohe'a'rd subscripsi.
+ Ego Beagnoth subscripsi.
+ Ego Uualhhun subscripsi.


RUBRIC: Twelve out of the pastures of swine . groups

  In the name of the supreme god . Many people in this world , indeed, the establishment and support of a declaration to this life, and the lust of the ancients , they endeavored to corrupt . under the affliction of this world who seek praise . and much more pleasing to men than they love God, as he named manager Uualhhun against the bishop of Rochester church continually encounter criticism made ​​about the feeding of pigs in which he was called the silba Caestruuarouualth . Therefore, they said , " ' I am the king of Kent Earduulfus reduce to naught because of the conflict and the presence of witnesses, my lords, to grant the church of St. Andrew for the salvation of my soul and my uncle . xii. serbandum to the herd of swine in the public places, and that is, as they say, to be named inhabited . Holanspic . Paetlanhrygc another . Lindhrygc third . But this number . xii. the groups in the three parts in each one individually liable . If anyone, which God forbid this gift of my heirs shall presume to infringe upon or diminish know how to separate himself from the company of the holy angels , and in the Almighty God and our eternal from the destruction of the condemned . My remaining this donation . nevertheless persist in its reliability . Year from the incarnation of Christ. dcclxii . levy. xv.

I Earduulfus king of Kent, all the above and wish to confirm the sign of the cross printed .
By God's grace I Cuthberchtus archbishop Earduulfi request , agreed to and signed.
Aethilberchtus I , king of Kent , agreed to and subscribed.
I agreed and Balthard subscriptsi .
I Duunuualla subscribed.
I Aethelhun subscribed.
I Ealdberht subscribed.
I rue subscribed.
I Folcuuine subscribed.
I Uuiohtbrord subscribed.
I Balthhard supscripsi .
I Badohe'a'rd subscribed.
I Beagnoth subscribed.
 I Uualhhun subscribed.

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A.D. 763 or 764. Eadberht II, king of Kent, to Sigeburga, abbess, and her familia at St Peter's Minster, Thanet; remission of toll due on two ships at Fordwich, and on a third at Fordwich and Sarre, Kent.



Regnante inperpetuum Domino nostro Iesu Christo. Unicuique mortalium uite sue terminus omnipotentis Dei dispensatione incertus esse dinoscitur. Uenit enim Dominus ad uisitandum seruum suum in die qua non sperat et hora qua non putat. Qua de re ego Eadbertus rex Cantie, anno secundo regni nostri, una cum consensu et concilio archiepiscopi Bregwini et principum meorum, pro eterna redemptione anime mee, aliquid ex his que mihi idem ipse Dominus et saluator noster cunctorum bonorum largitor tribuerit statuens donare decreueram, id est duarum nauium transuectionis censum qui etiam iuris nostri erat in loco cuius uocabulum est ad Serrae, iuxta petitionem uenerabilis abbatisse Sigeburge eiusque sacre conuersationis familie in monasterio sancti Petri, quod situm est in insula Tenet, sicut a regibus Merciorum Æthilbaldo uidelicet clementissimo et rege Offan longe ante concessum est tributum in loco cuius uocabulum est Lundenwic. Alterius uero, quod nuper edificatum est in monasterio eiusdem religiose Dei famule, omne tributum atque uectigal concedimus quod etiam a theloneariis nostris iuste impetitur publicis in locis que appellantur Fordwic et Seorre. Hinc igitur precipio et precor in nomine omnipotentis Dei patriciis, ducibus, comitibus, theloneariis, actionariis, publicis dignitatibus, ut hec nostra concessio in Dei donatione eternaliter sit confirmata, ita ut nec mihi nec alicui successorum meorum regum siue principum seu cuiuslibet conditionis dignitatibus nefario temeritatis ausu de supradicta donatione nostra aliquid fraudare uel minuere liceat. Si autem contigerit ut nauis ista rupta et confracta sit uel nimia uetustate consumpta siue etiam quod absit naufragio perdita, ut alia in loco illius ad utilitatem ibidem Deo seruientium famulorum Christi et famularum construatur, ad hanc uidelicet conditionem, ut quicquid in suis mercimoniis in diuersis speciebus adquirere possint, nobis fideliter inoffense offerre debeant simul cum ipsa naui ad locum qui appellatur Fordwik. Et quicumque de hac donatione nostra, quod etiam specialiter omnipotenti Deo firmiter concessum est, aliquid nefario caliditatis ausu abstrahere uel minuere temptauerit, sciat se a consortio sanctorum omnium separatum et cum diabolo et angelis eius inperpetuum esse dampnandum, quoniam sanctum locum istum dehonestare conatus est, in quo primi apostolorum principis Petri intercessio orationibus assiduis et elemosinis floret pro omni populo Christiano. Iccirco uiuens benedictione dei carebit et moriens maledictioni debite subiacebit, nisi digna satisfactione emendauerit quod inique studuit deprauare. Quicumque uero hec augenda custodierit sit benedictus inperpetuum et beatissimam uocem audire mereatur cum sanctis, Uenite benedicti patris mei.1

+ Ego Edbertus rex hanc donationem a me factam propria manu signo sancte crucis roboraui.
+ Ego Bregowinus archiepiscopus ad petitionem Edberti regis signum sancte crucis expressi.
+ Signum manus Iaenberti abbatis.
+ Signum manus Daene abbatis.
+ Signum Bruuni abbatis.
+ Signum manus Baltheardi comitis.
+ Signum Eathelhun principis.
+ Signum manus Redfridi.
+ Signum manus Budda.
+ Signum manus Athelberti.
+ Signum manus Headda.
+ Signum manus Egesasi.
+ Signum manus Aldredi.

1 Matt. 25: 34


During the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ for ever . The term of his life of mortal men to each one of the dispensation of the Almighty God, is known to be uncertain . He came to pay visits his servant for the Lord in the day when he does not expect and at an hour he does not think . Eadbert Wherefore, I, the king of Kent, of the second year of our kingdom, and with the consent of the council of the archbishop of one of my Bregwini and of the princes , and for the eternal redemption of my soul , I was to give some of these very same man, he attributed the giver of the good of all , our Lord and Savior shows had decided to endow with setting up , ie, two transport ships is also our right to tax that was in place, whose name is a saw, according to the petition, the venerable abbess Sigeburge its sacred family life in the monastery of St. Peter , which is located on the island holds , as of kings and the king of Mercia Æthelbald namely Clement Offan far is the tax has been already admitted in a place whose name is Lundenwic . The other , which was recently built in the monastery of the same religious servant of God , grant that all tax and taxes also from our theloneariis justly attacked public places which are called Fordwic and Zohar . Hence therefore, I pray in the name of the Almighty God, and I order the patricians, from dukes, earls, theloneariis , actionariis , in their public dignities, that this our grant was confirmed to be eternally in the deed of gift of God , so that it not to me nor to any of my successors , or of any condition of the princes or dignitaries of the kings of that wicked act of rashness attempt to defraud or diminish any of the above , our donation allowed . If, however, this ship so be that he is to be broken, and the broken, spent, or excessive or even , God forbid, the lapse of a shipwreck are lost, so that they are serving God in the same place , in the place of that to the benefit of Thy servants and handmaids of Christ, and is construed , the condition of the course, to this end, that whatever their trade and to different species of they can acquire , we must faithfully pleasantly offer simultaneous with the ship to a place called Fordwik . And as many of our own this donation , which he also firmly agreed that they to Almighty God in a special way , something wicked act of heat may be taken away or attempt to abstract the daring , let him know that he is separate from the company of all the saints , and to be damned in perpetuity, with the devil and his angels , for he is holy is this place, he tried to dishonor by , in which the constant of the first prince of the apostles Peter and almsgiving intercession prayers for all the people flourishes, Christian. Therefore, they will lack the blessing of God is living and dying are properly subject to the curse , but the violence has amended worthy satisfaction studied corrupt . But this increase will keep whoever is blessed for ever and deserves to hear the voice of the happiest with the saints , the holy father Come mei.1

Edbertus + I, the king with his own hand made ​​by me in the Donation of this sign of the holy cross. At the request of the king , the archbishop Edberti Bregowinus
+ I, expressed in terms of the sign of the holy cross .
+ Sign Iaenberti hand Abbot.
+ Sign Daene hand Abbot.
+ Sign Bruuni Abbot.
+ Sign Baltheardi hand count.
+ Sign Eathelhun Prince.
+ Sign Redfridi hand .
+ Mark Budd hands .
+ Sign Athelberti hand .
+ Sign Headda hand .
+ Sign Egesasi hand .
+ Mark Aldred hand .

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A.D. 762 or 763 (Canterbury, 25 July). Eadberht II, king of Kent, to St Peter's Minster (St Augustine's), Canterbury; grant of 6 sulungs (aratra) at Mongeham, Kent, with rights in woodland at Singledge, Kent.



In nomine regnantis inperpetuum Domini nostri Iesu Christi ac cuncta mundi iura iusto moderamine regentis. Quamuis parua et exigua sunt que pro admissis peccatis offerimus, tamen pius Dominus et redemptor noster non quantitatem muneris sed deuotionem offerentium semper inspicit. Qua de re ego Eadbertus Dei dispensatione ab uniuersa prouincia Cantuariorum constitutus rex et princeps, cognoscens initium uite et mortis, quia omni humano generi indifferens est uite cursus et mortis, prouidens ubi corpusculum meum condi deberet, nichil melius arbitratus sum nisi ibi sepulture traderer ubi iam pristino tempore parentes meos sepultos esse omnibus constat, hoc est in monasterio beati apostolorum principis Petri, cui preesse dinoscitur honorabilis abbas Iaenbertus , et quia infructuosus esse non debeo supradicte ecclesie, pro eterna redemptione animarum nostrarum mee uidelicet atque clementissimi regis Æthelberti, et corporum sepulture, necnon et pro missarum solemniis exhibendis, ad augmentum uite inibi famulantium Christo terram aratrorum sex in australi parte uici antiqui qui appellatur Mundelingeham, sicut a regibus Cantie tempore pristino et a nobis usque hactenus concessa et possessa est, interdicens etiam mihi hanc terram meisque successoribus a presenti die et tempore, una cum consensu reuerentissimi archiepiscopi Bregowini aliorumque seruorum Dei et principum meorum, beatissimo clauigero regni celestis eiusque sacre conuersationis familie inperpetuo possidendam optuli, cum campis, siluis, pratis, pascuis et cum omni tributo quod regibus daretur, ut liberam habeant potestatem possidendi uel uendendi uel etiam tradendi cuicumque uoluerint. Terminos uero huius terre ideo non scribimus quia undique ab incolis sine dubitationis scrupulo certi sunt. Et unius carri introitum in silua que appellatur Saenling. Quicumque uero sequentium regum uel episcoporum aut aliquis seculari potestate fretus hec nostre donationis scripta in aliqua parte minuere quod absit uel irrita facere nisus fuerit, inprimis iram Dei incurrat et a cetu omnium sanctorum segregetur et sciat se presumptionis sue ante tribunal Christi in die iudicii rationem esse redditurum. Scripta autem hec est cartula donationis anno primo regni nostri, die .viii. kalendarum Augusti, in ciuitate Dorouerni. Testes uero ad confirmationem infra nominatos adhibui.

+ Ego Ædbertus rex hanc donationem meam uolens confirmare propria manu signum sancte crucis expressi. Ego Bregowinus archiepiscopus consensi et subscripsi. Ego Iambertus abbas subscripsi.
+ Signum manus Bruni abbatis.
+ Signum manus Escuuald presbyteri.
+ Signum manus Esne comitis.
+ Signum manus Baldhardi.
+ Signum manus Hearedi.
+ Signum Eadberti.


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and, in perpetuity, of the ruling in driving the direction of the just rights of all the things of the world . Although they are small and in just a little bit for the sins committed, which we offer, however, is not the amount of the gift, but the good Lord and Redeemer , our devotion always looks into the offerers . Wherefore, I, by the whole of the province of Kent Eadbert been appointed king and the prince of the dispensation of God , acknowledging the beginning of life and death , that to every course of life and death is a matter of indifference to the human race , where prouident , my body would have to be stored , nothing I am thinking that if there were not better when it is being delivered to the burial my parents have been buried at the time of the former is plain to all , that is, in the monastery of the blessed prince of the apostles Peter, to whom the abbot , who was honored Iaenbertus is well known to be in charge , be without fruit , and that he the said church, I ought not to be , for the eternal redemption of our souls , and of course, my most gracious King Æthelberti , and the burial of bodies , and also for the masses, the festival due to the development of life serving Christ within six plow land in the southern part of the old villages were called Mundelingeham , as from the time of their original kings of Kent and we have given up and they possessed , even forbidding me this land and my successors of the present at the time of the day, and , with the consent of one of the most reverend archbishop of the servants of God and of the princes , and of other of my Bregowini , clauigero the most blessed of the heavenly kingdom and his or her mode of life is of sacred INCONSTANT to take over the household savings, with the fields , woods , meadows , feedings, and with all the tax that might be given to the kings , that they may have the power of possessing a free or sell or even give any moment . The outermost parts of this , however, by the inhabitants of the land on all sides, so he did not write it , because they are persuaded that without the involvement of doubt . And one coming in a cart in the wood that is called Saenling . As many of what follows , however, relying on the power of the secular kings or bishops, or any of these things have been written in some part of our donation efforts may be taken away , God forbid, or reject them , he shall incur the wrath of God and from the gathering of all the saints in the first place and let him know he must be excluded before the judgment seat of Christ in the day of judgment, an account of himself to be a presumption of his render . The writings , however, this is a charter of the giving of the first year of the reign of our day. , Viii. of the new moon of August , in the city of Dorouerni . But witnesses to confirm within the renowned attainments.

+ I, the king of this gift of mine wanting to confirm Ædbertus pressed them with his own hand the sign of the holy cross . I Bregowinus Archbishop , agreed to and subscribed. I Iambertus abbot subscribed.
+ Mark Abbot Bruno hand .
+ Sign Escuuald hands of priests .
+ Mark Are you a hand count.
+ Sign Baldhardi hand .
+ Sign Hearedi hand .
+ Sign EADBERT .

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