Sunday, 5 July 2015

Catherine Townson, Order of the Laurel, 2015

Steinnar and Liðr, by grace of the north, king and queen of Ealdormere, &c. to heralds, pursuivants, &c. greeting. Know ye that plants can grow in disparate soil, and with love and care they can be moved from place to place, and not just grow but thrive. So has one of our subjects been transplanted, and so has she thrived. From far An Tir she came to our northern lands, and in our gardens and glades she tills and hoes, and on the loom her deft fingers flow. Our privilege it has been, to watch her blossom. Therefore, we, seriously contemplating the eminent services and merits of the noble Catharine Townson, who is skilled at the weaving of textiles, and judging the same to be most worthy, that, in our special grace and certain knowledge, have erected, preferred and created the said Catharine as a member of the Order of the Laurel, with the name, status, style, title, honour and dignity as a Laurel, with all and singular responsibilities, duties and other things whatsoever of such status of being a Laurel. To recognize her new station, we give and concede by these presents to her, the said Catharine, a ring we have marked, invested and really enobled, and a medallion of honour and dignity, and also a coat on her shoulders we place. And this we have done on the [ ] day of [ ], at the War of the Trillium, in our Canton of Ardchreag, in the fiftieth year of the Society.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Creation of Edward Copurtenay as Earl of Devon, Letters Patent, Mary, 1553 and the Creation of Thomas, Earl of Arundel and Surrey, as Earl of Norfolk, Letters Patent, Charles I, 1644.

Rose of Greyfells, Award of Arms, 2015

We, Steinar and Lyðr by the grace of the north, king and queen of Ealdormere, and by the covenant we have made with our people, make known to the living and in posterity that Rose of Greyfells has impressed us with her skill with the needle and the spindle, and so do We bestow upon her an Award of Arms. Therefore, the said Rose, shall be entitled to bear arms without let or hindrance and is urged to consult with Our heralds.

In testimony whereof we have confirmed this document with Our seal.

Done at War of the Trillium, in Our Canton of Ardchreag, in the year of our Society 50, on the Feast of Ulrich of Augsburg.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Abbot of St. Mary of Tronchiennes’
Relief for Succession to a Fief, 1233.

Eoin MacAlpen, Award of Arms, 2015

Steinarr, by the grace of the north, king of the Skraels and all other Ealdormereans, and Lyðr, queen of the same, to the beloved of the northlands, greeting.

For the honour that you bring to Our Barony of Skraeling Althing, and for the skill you have shown with the brewing of mead, do We, Monarchs of the North, confer upon you, Eoin MacAlpen, an Award of Arms. And in order that you may possess what is conferred on you of Our grace we have decreed that you may bear and display your arms, per pale gules and azure, on a beehive or two axes in saltire sable, without let or hindrance.

Given at The War of the Trillium, in our Canton of Ardchreag, in the year of brotherhood 50, on July the fourth, in the fourth month of Our rule.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stwart, based on a Grant of a Fief in Islands from Archbishop Siegfried to the Abbot of Paderborn, 1241.