Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pesha, Award of the Orion, 2014

From Siegfried King of Ealdormere and Ragni, Our kind and gracious Queen, unto all whom the present letters shall come, greeting.

Duty and privilege move Us to see that those who merit honor and recognition are rewarded for their efforts. Since those things which are done lapse with the passage of time, and unless they are corroborated by written testimony, will easily slip the memories of men, We wish it to be known to all people both now and in the future that We, by Our will, herby recognize Lady Pesha for her artistic endeavors including costuming and research. So it is that We agree and do We wish to recognize this talented lady with Our Award of the Orion and give her the right to wear the badge of the award Purpure, an Irish harp, on a bordure Or five mullets purpure.

But, so that it will not be terminated as long as Ealdormere prevails, We have also recorded these things in writing in order that no calumny may arise in the future, and in order that all doubt may be removed.

Wording by Adrielle Kerrec.

Colyne Stewart, Order of the Crucible, 2014

To all freeholders and the whole realm of Ealdormere do We, King Siegfried and Queen Ragni send all manner of filial reverence. We know from the chronicles and books of the ancients, that our Kingdom of Ealdormere has well earned widespread renown throughout the Known World for its wealth of histories, poems, songs, and stories and there exists such envy for the talent of those ollaves of Ealdormere who are able to create such chronicles.

There is one who through countless efforts has recorded such chronicles including deeds of war and tournament, tales of pilgrimage, triumphs in arts and sciences, challenges issued, service done and yet other endeavours without number, putting into words that which no one could describe nor fully imagine unless they had seen them with their own eyes so all should know and remember. From these labours our people and their heritage has been delivered out of the darkness of ignorance and forgetfulness of the passage of time and has been well preserved for all future generations to know and bear witness to the high qualities and noble deeds of the people of Ealdormere.

Such a man is Colyne Stewart. To this man, in as much as he has preserved word and deed of our people, we are bound both by law and by his merits that Ealdormere's renown may be still maintained, and come what may, we mean to stand and recognize such skill. Therefore it is that We decree that Laird Colyne Stewart with our most earnest prayers and suppliant hearts, be induced into Our order of the Crucible and grant unto him the right to bear the badge of the Order. It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that he hath worked, but for our people.

In order that no misrepresentation may arise in the future, and in order that all doubt may be removed, We have strengthened this appointment of Ours, corroborating it in writing before those here assembled Done on the Saint day of St Augustine, the 6th day of September, Anno Societatis 49 and order it to be signed with the authority of our seal.

Wording by Adrielle Kerrec. Largely based on the Declaration of Arbroath.