Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Gwendolyn of Aldberg - Scroll of Honour / Queen's Favour

The 'letter' to Lady Gwendolyn of Aldberg - Scroll of Honour / Queen's Favour
To reverend and dearest lady, Gwendolyn of Aldburg most distinguished by nobility both of birth and of life, Adrielle, Queen by divine right, sends most heartfelt greetings. 

To say nothing of your other good works, for which the reputation of your nobility breathes the scent of your gentle nature far and wide and all around; you surely lavish so many and such great acts of kindness on people in all walks of life who live and especially those who thrive in Our Canton of Harrowgate Heath, that we are already so accustomed to them and they are so familiar to us that it could be burdensome to you for Us to order thanks to be given you by word or letter for every single act, nor are we able to repay whatever we might according to your merits. 

Brave in all endurance, gentle in bearing injury, quick to show pity, united and harmonious in sisterly love, you are one who administers comfort with compassionate affection through which the dark cloud of grief has grown lighter tended by your gentle guidance and affection. Wherefore, We would commend you to all and place you on Our Scroll of Honour, so that just as you do what you do so gently and aptly for all the right reasons, all may know and repay you on behalf of Us for whom you do good. 

Yet still for all that you have done this gesture seems somehow inadequate as clemency receives more praise because it is of benefit to more people. The beautiful protect the self with modesty, but a gentle rule keeps the realm safe. Accordingly, in recognition of the most high esteem We personally hold you, We would furthermore recognize such deeds and be as grateful for what you have done for Canton and Kingdom as if you had done it for Us. Let all know that fair Gwendolyn shall henceforth bear a mark of Royal Favour for her virtue and has received from Her Majesty's hand, the Queen’s Favour, and is commended to make display of it so all shall know of the singular favour this Crown finds in her.

Done on the feast da y of St. Elwin, this 22nd day of February A.S. 48
(wording by HRM Adrielle)

John Moran, Orion, 2014

Declare throughout the realm and understand these words. Nigel by divine grace King of Ealdormere, and Adrielle his inspiration and Queen, to all faithful subjects present and future, greetings. Let all know duty and privilege move Us to see that those who merit honour and recognition are rewarded for their efforts. We being right mindful of the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills in which John Moran has displayed in Tudor culinary manners and arts do wish to recognize him with Our Award of the Orion and grant unto him the right to wear the badge of the award. That this gift remain firm and unimpaired, We order it to be signed with the authority of our seal in Our beloved Canton of Caldrithig by the hand of our scribe, in the 48th year of the incarnation of our Society on this 22nd day of February.

Wording by Duchess Adrielle Kerrec.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Charter Granting the Mormaerdom of Arrochar

To all knights, Masters, Peers, Barons, Earls, Mayors, Sheriffs, Provosts Officers and to all faithful subjects as well as others to whom these presents shall come, be seen, heard, read, or understood from Seigfried King and Ragni Queen of Ealdormere Greeting

Know all that We by these Letters Patent have given, granted, and by this Our present charter have confirmed and do advance, create our beloved servants, Nigel MacFarlane, and Adrielle Kerrec, to the state degree style dignity title and honour of Duke and Duchess. Know ye that We have given, granted, and established by this present Charter to Nigel MacFarlane and Adrielle Kerrec, that Mormaerdom which is called Arrochar. To be held by them, with all its pertinants, liberties and easments, freely, quietly, fully, and entirely, with gallows and pit, toll, theme, sock and sack, outfangthief and infangthief, with all advantages and freedoms pertaining by law or custom in the Kingdom of Ealdormere without any secular or servile exaction: except that, when he is summoned, they shall come to the courts which the Crown may announce. And he shall be bound to go on no military expedition, unless the Crown ordain one against the countries or provinces adjoining Ealdormere. These are the land-boundaries Arrochar - first south from the cross at St. Mary's down along through the fleet wood to the barrow, thence east along the barrow till it comes to the Pond at Baxter Creek. Then north over the furlong to the fen. Then east along through the wold to the old cross. Should any secular person attempt to go against this, after three warnings if he should not make amends, he may lost his honour and be liable to divine justice, and subject himself to retribution. For the rest, in order that this decree may, for all ages, remain valid and unshaken, We bind ourselves and our successors to keep and observe this present charter and have ordered it to be written and have affixed our seal. 

Dated at Rising Waters the twenty-sixth of the month of April in the forty-eighth year of the society in the first days of our reign.

Wording by Adrielle Kerrec.

Jocelyn Cranewell, Royal Favour, 2014

 Equity and right ordains that those who are virtuous and of noble courage be by their merits and renown rewarded by certain signs and demonstrations of honour and courtesy. Nigel, by divine grace ever venerable king of Ealdormere, and Adrielle his chosen Queen, to all those to whom this current letter will have come, their favor and all good will. May all know that We, always wishing to preserve the undiminished rights of the faithful and bestow upon them due recognition, on the deliberation of our advisors, in acknowledgment of the most high esteem We personally hold TH Lady Jocelyn Cranewall

Do hereby recognize such deeds done by her as Our Champion including her tireless efforts as envoy to foreign lands and her dedication to the arts martial . Let all know that she shall henceforth bear a mark of Royal Favour for her virtue and has received from Their Majesty's hand, the Crown’s Favour, and is commended to make display of it so all shall know of the singular favour this Crown finds in her.

And so that the aforesaid gift solemnly made may not be revoked as invalid by anyone, We have strengthened the present letters with the impression of Our seal in the presence of witnesses this 26th day of April AS 48 on the feast day of of St. Richarius

Wording by Adrielle Kerrec.

AElfwyn et Laganwuda, Order of the Wain, 2014

In the year of the society's incarnation 48 I, Nigel, with the favour of divine grace King of Ealdormere and Adrielle my Queen, led by divine love, foreordained by the same divine right, in the last hours of Our reign, have not been forgetful in the duties of governance and have taken care to commit this to writing so that our words and deeds should not be negated with the passage of time, either through the lack of care of our successors or through some kind of envy or dishonesty. 

With the agreement and authorisation of many nobles, including Our beloved companions of the Wain, We, giving with sincere intent, do bestow upon Mistress Aelfwyn, a grant of arms and do induct her into Our order of the Wain and grant unto her the right to bear the badge of the Order, for she has performed exemplary and long-standing service to Our Kingdom as officer, marshal, artisan, leader, champion, always as one who provides an example of courtesy and chivalry worthy of emulation. On account of such faithful service and loyalty We do further grant this charter bestowing on her for all time that place which is called by rustics the Redwood. In order that the aforementioned Mistress Aelfwyn should favourably possess without intermission this royal gift as long as Ealdormere should thrive, all that is recognised as belonging to that same place by law, both in large and in small matters, in fields, pastures, meadows, woods and fisheries, may the aforementioned Redwood, be free from all worldly impediment, except these three: military service, and the construction of bridge and fortress. The aforementioned Redwood is seen to be surrounded by these bounds. From the Cyningsweg south to Ramsayville, in the east from the green bank to the Morrisionweg. If any, however, should try, against Our wishes, to harm this charter, through the spite of oppressive covetousness, may they, falling down to the swirling masses of noisome darkness, be cursed, into everlasting fire’, where they may be tormented in a cruel punishment by demons with heated iron instruments of torture if they do not change this before their death with appropriate penitence. 

But, so that it will not be terminated as long as Ealdormere prevails, We have also recorded these things in writing. This aforementioned liberty was created in the year of the society's incarnation 48, on this 26th day of April.

Wording by Duchess Adrielle Kerrec.

Brannos O'Irongardail, King's Favour, 2014

Nigel, by the grace of God, the august ruler of Ealdormere, King of the Northlands and Commander of the Inland Seas, to his well-beloved friend Brannos O'Irongardail, Duke of the Midrealm, health and sincere affection.

Throughout the Society heralds h
ave put quill to parchment many times detailing the deeds that you have performed and preaux knights from all corners of the worlde have sung the praises of your prowess and franchise, so, therefore not to keep any in suspense by a long account, We wish to inform all to whom the present letter come, that, in appreciation of the wholesome advice and assistance that you have personally given to the Royal Household of Ealdormere and most specifically to King Nigel, second of this name, let all know that HIs Grace Brannos shall henceforth bear a mark of Royal Favour for your virtue and you have received from His Majesty's hand, the King’s Favour, and you are commended to make display of it so all shall know of the singular favour this Crown finds in you.

Further Be it known that in gratitude for heartfelt advice and patient teaching in the arts martial that you have offered to any and all who would seek same, that forevermore that this writ shall grant and guarantee free and safe passage.

Specificaly, His Grace Brannos and all that may call themselves friends of His Grace may travel from and to the Midrealm in the character of friendship, to visit according to custom as befits Our love and respect for this man of such noble carriage. Under the patronage and protection of the divine We command all tollgatherers, lords as well as servants, whether on roads or on waters, that no one dare to demand a toll from His Grace or his companions, but let their passage be free and knowing this let be under our protection, and we wish them to be fully free and immune from every charge or toll through all parts of Our kingdom.

Done this saint day of St. Richarius, this 26th day of April AS 48

Wording by Duke Nigel MacFarlane.

AElfwyn et Langanwude, King's Favour, 2014

Wherefore I, Nigel, King, of Ealdormere over whom Divine dispensation wished me to rule, in the year of the society 48, in the twilight of our reign, do freely grant and bestow on the servant the Crown, Aelfwyn et Langanwude, Our King's Favour , and do rejoice greatly in recognizing she who has increased her own honor and that of Our Kingdom by being a model of the Chivalric virtues as she has stood as Our Champion. 

If anyone should attempt to harm this gift, let him know that he will fearfully render account in the terrible examination of the whole world at the time of judgment. In witness whereof We set our hand and seal this 26th day of September.

Wording by Duchess Adrielle Kerrec.

Sage of House Marchmount. Award of Arms, 2014

Great rulers have great reason
to regard you; trust
they show in your service:
Always are you working.
Before your coming
no handmaiden so deserving
in all the northlands, you
Triple-cub of Ealdormere.

Days of youth are past; you
stand no longer maiden:
fierce woman of the north,
hailing from the Marchfell.
Kneel now down before us,
Adrielle and Nigel,
Konungur and Drotning,
rise and take up blood-ember,
Hefdharfru of our court.

Such was recorded by our skalds, at the Kelda Arts and Sciences Kaupstefna, in the Barony of Ben Dunfirth, on the twenty and sixth day of the third month in the forty-eighth year of the verǫld-thing.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on Ottar the Black’s poem about King Olaf in the Orkneyinga Saga.

Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen, Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer, 2014

Nigel II and Adrielle II, by the grace of arms and inspiration, King and Queen of Ealdormere, [Earl and Countess of Arrochar, Protectors of the Far North, Wardens of Septentrialis, Ard Ri of Lacus Pentamerus and Lacus Ealdormearc,] to Our knights, sheriffs, men-at-arms, constables, armsmen, and coistrels, pay heed.

There are those among us who show great skill with the bow. Indeed, the archers and crossbowmen of Ealdormere are among Our finest warriors and the southern folk quake in fear when they take to the range or the field. One staunch crossbowman has shown great skill and dedication and stands as a sergeant among his peers, and We feel this must be recognized by writ and deed, least the memories of man forget it.

Therefore, know ye that we of Our especial grace, certain knowledge and mere motion have advanced, preferred and created our right trusty and entirely beloved Baron and Pelican, Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen, a member of Our Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer.

Having consulted with our Lawspeaker and wise council, both Spiritual and Temporal, We do hereby decree that the aforesaid Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen is known to be honourable and just and his judgment is above reproach, and he is therefore excused from the restrictions imposed upon the use of the crossbow by Canon 29 of the Second Lateran Council when protecting Ourselves, Our heirs and Their descendents, Our Duchies, Counties, Baronies, Shires and Cantons and any of the people of Our realm, no matter their station.

We have advanced, preferred, dignified, constituted and created the aforesaid Gunther in our Barony of Rising Waters on the feast day of Our Lady of Good Counsel in the forty-eighth year of the Society. In witness whereof We have caused these Our letters to be made patent.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Creation of Field-Marshal the Marquis of Wellington to be Marquis of Douro and Duke of Wellington by George III, 1814.