Monday 2 December 2013

Beathan MacFinnon, Award of the Orion, 2013

NIGEL and ADRIELLE, by the Grace of Lady Ealdormere, King and Queen of Ealdormere, Earl and Countess of Arrochar, Protectors of the Far North, Wardens of Septentrialis, Ard Ri of Lacus Pentamerus and Lacus Ealdormearc, High Lord and Lady of Ardchreag, &c.

For as much as you, Beathan MacFinnon, are known for the construction of furniture, jewelry, banners, woodworking and calligraphy, and it was witness at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Faire that you were chosen as the victor of the Queen’s Choice Prize, therefore it is but just and reasonable, that since you work so diligently, you should be rewarded for it. And We, being willing to honour and favour you for the reasons aforesaid: Our will is, that you, Beathan MacFinnon, after showing such expertise in the arts and sciences, be given Our Award of the Orion, and the right to bear the badge of the award without let or hindrance. And by this Our letter: We command Prince Siegfried and Princess Ragni, Our most beloved son and daughter, the Infants, Dukes, Prelates, Marquesses, Great Masters and Military Orders, Priors, Commendaries, our Counsellors, Judges, and other Officers of Justice whatsoever, belonging Courts, and Chancery, and Constables of Castles, Strong Houses, and others; and all Corporations, Bayliffs, Governours, Judges, Commanders, Sea Officers; and the Aldermen, Common Council, Officers, and Good People of all Cities, Lands, and Places in our Kingdoms and Dominions, as such in all respects, and give you all the perquisites and other things belonging and appertaining to the said award; and allow, and cause to be allowed you, all the honours, graces, concessions, prehaminences, prerogatives, immunities, and other things, or any of them which are due to you, by virtue of your achievements. We command our Chancellour, Heralds, and other Officers, to pass, seal, and deliver to you, Our Award, in such form and legal manner, as you shall require or stand in need of. And that none of them presume to do any thing to the contrary, upon pain of our displeasure, and forfeiture of 30 finfarthings for each offence. And We command him, who shall show them this Our Letter, that he summon them to appear before Us at our Court, where we shall then be, within fifteen days after such summons, under the said penalty. Under which same, We also command any Public Notary whatsoever, that he give to him that shows it him, a certificate under his seal, that we may know how our command is obeyed.

GIVEN at Bryniau Tywynnog, on the 30th of November, at Wassail, in the year of our Society, 48.-
Nigel, THE KING, Adrielle, THE QUEEN.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Privileges and Prerogatives Granted by Their Catholic Majesties to Christopher Columbus : 1492

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