Monday 4 August 2014

Travis Vincent Greywolf, Award of the Scarlet Banner, 2014

From Siegfried, Rex, King of the Ealdormerans, and Ragni, Regina, Queen of the free folk of the northlands, to Our Heirs, Lawspeaker, Dukes, Duchesses, Counts, Countesses, Viscounts, Viscountesses, Barons, Baronesses, members of Our royal orders, and to all others to whom these presents may come, greetings.

As history records, the Society was first brought to Our realm by Sir Finnvarr de Taahe, known as the Iron Duke, and member of the Orders of Chivalry, the Pelican and the Laurel. This founding father was later to become the husband of Her Majesty, and began to gather around him a household of the worthy and the brave. Amongst those valiant few, Finnvarr took two erstwhile youths to squire, to stand as his vassals and as brothers one to the other. One of these squires would go on to become not only a knight in his own right, but indeed to become a king. This was His Majesty Siegfried. The other squire is known for wandering the world, always in search of adventure and fame, all to bring glory to his knight and household. In times of need or of war, this good gentle always returned to the fold and took up what ever tool was needed to aid his knight, his fellow squires and the other members of House De Taahe. With noble harness he is known at the Pennsic Wars for his diligence and skill with the sword. And this man is Travis Vincent Greywolf.

Know now that His Majesty looks kindly upon his brother-at-arms, as does Her Majesty, and They would have it known that They hold him in such high regard that They would bestow upon him an Award of the Scarlet Banner, so that all my know he is a proud and worthy fighter of the Kingdom of Ealdormere.

So was this done, at [EVENT] on the [DAY] of [MONTH] in the forty-ninth year of the Society, in witness whereof We have set Our hand and seal.

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