Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pesha, Award of the Orion, 2014

From Siegfried King of Ealdormere and Ragni, Our kind and gracious Queen, unto all whom the present letters shall come, greeting.

Duty and privilege move Us to see that those who merit honor and recognition are rewarded for their efforts. Since those things which are done lapse with the passage of time, and unless they are corroborated by written testimony, will easily slip the memories of men, We wish it to be known to all people both now and in the future that We, by Our will, herby recognize Lady Pesha for her artistic endeavors including costuming and research. So it is that We agree and do We wish to recognize this talented lady with Our Award of the Orion and give her the right to wear the badge of the award Purpure, an Irish harp, on a bordure Or five mullets purpure.

But, so that it will not be terminated as long as Ealdormere prevails, We have also recorded these things in writing in order that no calumny may arise in the future, and in order that all doubt may be removed.

Wording by Adrielle Kerrec.

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