Thursday 6 August 2015

Berend van der Eych, Order of the Wain, 2015

The king, Steinarr, and Queen, Liðr, to Their beloved and faithful servant, Master Berend van der Eych, Baron of the Court, greeting. Because we wish to have a consultation and meeting with you, to be done in the presence of the rest of the principal men and women of Our kingdom, as to reward you for the toil you have undergone over the past fifteen years on behalf of Our said kingdom and all those who dwell within it; we command you, strictly enjoining you in the fidelity and love in which you are bound to us, that you present yourself before us in the Debated Lands during the season of War, for consideration, ordaining and elevating your worthy self into Our Order of the Wain.

This We had done the 6th the day of August, while We sat Our Thrones at the Pennsic War, in the fiftieth year of the Society.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the summons of a baron to Parliament (1295).

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