Sunday 11 September 2016

Rhoswyn Gwynedd, Award of the Maiden’s Heart, 2016

Strong sacrifice is the strength (not in oppressor’s battle
But in ethereal miracles),
Highly-praised renowned gathering place, pure its essence,
Is the domain built by Rhoswyn Gwynedd.

Since I am song’s steward I will make a declamation of praise
To the works of this glorious lady,
Where the words collected rival the pleasures of Annwn,
Sparkling like spray from Owain’s fountain.

Nigel the King, Adrielle the Queen, brought to Rhoswyn renown,
It is made of a heart of the maiden,
A sign that none shall be o’erlooked in their kingdom
Fine is the golden wise pillar of the Wolf.

As our poet has related, so do we Nigel and Adrielle, King and Queen of Ealdormere, bestow upon Rhoswyn Gwynedd our Award of the Maiden’s Heart for her work as webminister and exchequer. Done while sitting Our thrones in Our canton of Ardchreag at the War of the Trillium on the feast day of Euddogwy in the fifty-first year of the Society.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Welsh poem I’r Grog o Gaer (To the Rood at Carmarthen) by Dafydd ap Gwilym.

Annwn was the Underworld, a place of delights, a paradise.

Owain’s fountain is a reference to “Owain, of the Lady of the Fountain”.

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