Sunday 27 November 2016

Elenore de Cherbourg, Award of Arms, 2016

So We, Siegfried and Xritstina, keepers of Ealdormerean land in its princely rule, address Ourselves to Elenore de Cherbourg. My dear child, listen of how your father and mother birthed you and raised you in good instruction and into the desire to serve those of Our lands. For you work in Our halls, and cook in Our kitchens, and serve at Our feasts, and work with embroidery and thread. Our people’s blessing upon you, we hold you in favour and seeing your good deeds which are righteous and whose fruits add to the abundance of plenty in our kingdom do We bestow upon you an Award of Arms.

This is given certificate at Queen’s Prize Tourney, in Petrea Thule, the month of November, the 66 day of autumn 51. Signature in this certificate of Siegfried, Velikii Knyaz, and Xristina, Velikii Knyagina.

Wording by TH Laird Colyne Stewar, based on the Mstislavov gramota (c. 1130), the Domostroi, section 25 and postscript (16th century) and a pledge record of the prince of Kholm to Ivan III (March 1474).

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