Monday, 9 July 2018

Bera, Award of the Maiden's Heart

Droekvett poetry, by THL Dietrich von Sachsen

Stalwart Baldric, staunchly
Standing with grand Breyla:
Bera - Heralds hail her –
Harken unto throne-voice.

Rising Waters' wright of
written webs; our officer;
 From potter's wheel, wellspring:
Well she serves her sovereign.

Thoughtful, patient pupil
Pen awakens on parchment.
Greater hath she grown; to
Grasp the cusp of knowledge.

Breaker-of-Rings brings
the bright heart of Maiden
Of Bernadette to Bera:
Bear this honour always.

Done this 12th day of the year Anno Societas LIII, as we sit our Thrones in the Barony of Rising Waters and preside over the Tournament of Lady Mary.

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