Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Ana Yanka, Order of the Crucible, 2020

So we Kaylah, Queen by Right of Arms of all the North and Trumbrand, King of all the North, Grand Princess and Prince Septentrian, and Skrael, and of Rising Waters, and Ramshavenite, and Ben Dunfirthian, and of all the shires; do address ourselves to Lady Ana Yanka. We, T’sarina and T’sar, on all days with our subjects overseen what they have written and any items they make and any scribal work they do and who does well. And that subject we note and we reward.

All lands, cities and persons honour and glorify those who bear the works of honour wrought by such masterful scribes. Thus let us, through our own strength, humbly praise this diligent servant who in turn glorifies others with brush and pen. And through such praise, make it known that we did not reign in a poor and unknown land, but in Ealdormere, which is known and celebrated by all to the ends of the earth.

Because she does not destroy Our laws, but confirms them, does not diminish works, but extends them, and does not undo but strengthens, she has proven herself worthy of reward. And because the likes of her are rarely found in all the northern lands, or in the east, or in the west, We, by the rights granted to Us by the laws and traditions of Ealdormere, say that she shall be made a companion of the steadfast and glorious Order of the Crucible. Behold that We grant unto her the right to bear the badge: Gules, a mullet of seven points voided and interlaced and a double tressure Or, and proclaim to all that on the 29th day of February, AS LIV, she is invested with the honour that accompany such promotion.

Arise honored Crucible and serve the lands you love. Stand tall with the honor that has been granted you. Rejoice and be of good cheer.

Wording by THL Dietrich von Sachsen. Based off of the Eulogy to Kagan Vlaimir by Vladimir the Great; and 15th century royal letters.

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