Tuesday, 11 February 2014

AoA for Wynefryd Bredhers

Unto all be it known that we, Kenric, mighty King of the East and Avelina, kind and gracious Queen, have made it Our wish and command to advance in nobility Wynefryd Bredhers.
Know now, all of our fair realm, that the said Wynefryde is a lady of charm and wit and that her kind heart and generous nature brighten Our court. With constant dedication she knows each fighters name and checks the rolls with devotion. To acknowledge her virtues, we confer upon her all the honors and privileges of her new station as well as the right to bear these arms - Vert, a fern within a bordure Or. Having confirmed by document and set by Our hand at the Market Day at Birka on this 25th day of January A.S. XLVIII in our Barony of Stonemarche.

Wording by Christiana Crane.

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