Sunday 9 February 2014

Johanna Hurst, Maiden’s Heart, 2014

For Johanna Hurst. Nigel and Adrielle, &c., to Barons, &c., greeting. Know ye that whereas the eminence of numerous noblemen and the abundance of great and wise people are the principal ornament and the chiefest support of every Realm, we, at the request of the Prelates and Lords and of the Commonalty of our Realm meeting together in our present Parliament assembled at Caer Draeth, willing therefore to honour and likewise strengthen the Royal scepter by the multiplication of exalted persons, and considering the magnanimity, assiduity and prudent circumspection of our trusty and very dear Johanna Hurst, who, according to her works as head of entourage, toiling in the kitchens of the kingdom and holding the office of minister of arts and sciences has shown herself dutiful and devoted to us, by the declared counsel of our said Parliament have given to her an Award of the Maiden’s Heart. And to that end we have affixed our hand and seal at a Game of Queen’s, on the feast day of Cuthmann of Steyning, in the forty-eighth year of the society.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Creation of Henry of Lancaster as Earl of Derby, by Edward III, 1338, Charter, R.C.V. 31.

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