Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Xristina Viacheslavova, Order of the Laurel, 2014

So do I, Trumbrant, Mighty Sovereign of all Ealdormere, Great Prince of Septentria,
Ramshaven, Rising Waters, Skraeling Althing, Ben Dunfirth and T'sar of all the Peoples who dwell within these lands, and Kayla, Beloved Wife and Fierce T'sarina to my Posadnika Xristina Viacheslavova kiss esmi at my father's throne and do give my good graces to her and her family; and where from whomever I will hear about good or about evil of my Posadnika, I say to them in truth, on this my fastened certificate, without duplicity that I do praise her above all and wish to reward her with great priveledge in my land.

We, T'sar and T'sarina, on all days with our subjects do we oversee, have noted the valiant and noble spirit of Our Posadnika Xristina Viacheslavova that aspires to be foremost in knowledge of the culture, clothing and adornment of the most Reknown Land of Russia. Having found no finer example of skill, constancy and devotion to said subjects, therefore We, in accordance with the custom of Our predecessors who used to reward those who displayed such worth in many and Divers Arts, do decree that she shall forthwith and forever be known as an Iskusnitsa of Our most Noble Order of The Laurel, and to allow her to claim pomestie lands for her service, to bear this burden with the knowledge that all gifts do come from Us and may be recalled, should she no longer please Us.

Xristina Viacheslavova, to you we turn our word. Being worthily signified by entry to this Noble Order, We caution you that after the praise, benefit, honour and glory comes the duties of a Iskusnitsa of our Noble Order of the Laurel. In Our Name, and in the name of those Great Princes of Reknown that came before us, do we command you to serve your T'sar and T'Sarina in all things, bringing to Them the bounty of your knowledge and the wisdom of your teaching. Teach those you command to serve your Gosudar, to serve you as my Iskusnitsa and teach your Masterskaya, podmaster'e and your Sem'ya to learn not to steal, not to blyasti, not to lie, not to slander, not to envy, not to offend, not to malign, others not quarrel, not to judge, not to revel or carouse, not to ridicule, not to remember evil, not be angry on anyone, to their superiors be obedient and meek, to equals loving, to their lessers and wretched welcoming and kind, with everyone make fitting arrangements of comfort without a lot of fuss and trouble, in the monastery, and into hospitals and into jails, prisoners to visit and give alms also as much as any required, and seeing their misfortune and grief and to all needy if it is possible to help them and any who is sorrowful and poor.

We give to you esmi of Our Princes, Namestnik and Voevody and demand that all Detskie, Otrok, Gridin, Hryden, Tysyatski, Sotski and Desyatski bow their heads to the earth, and must not sit when you are arisen, and you are ordered to sit from your place when all do stand, excepting the Great T'sar and T'sarina, Tsarevich, Tsarevna, and all of their children, Vlastitel of all other sovereign lands, Gosudar, Velikij Knyaz, Velikaya Knyaginya and any Knyaz or Knyaginya, so that all may know the favour you do hold, given from the hand of your Gosudar and T'sar of All Ealdormere.

Further, We present this document as a perpetual confirmation of the nobility of our Iskunitsa Xristina Viacheslavova. Know that she is a Member of our Boyarstvo and does carry with her at all times our blessing and esmi of Faithfulness until the Day of Judgement shall come. To this certificate the Grand Prince and the Grand Princess ordered their Boyars hands to apply the Great Seal of Ealdormere and Dvoryane to witness the sign manuel of Trumbrant III and Kayla III, as they overlook the frozen fields of Skraeling Althing and celebrate the Feast of the Hare, this first year of their Reign,

AS 49.

Wording by HE Mahault of Swynford.

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