Saturday, 31 January 2015

Einar Inn Austrifera Josepson, Award of Orion, 2015

Excerpt from Gamlaðr Vatn Saga:

In the fall, Daffyd and Mahild took over a farm in the Ford, and it soon became a fine estate. A son was born to them, named Einar; he was quickly handsome and precocious. Like his father, Einar was skilled in working with wood, but soon surpassed him in this ability. Many were the bowl and spoon carved by Einar’s hands, and many homesteads made use of his work.

Mighty Trumbrand and Queen Kaylah, having heard of Einar’s talents, came with many warriors, servants and retainers and stayed at the farm in the Ford. There they watched Einar as he laboured at his trade, and they were much impressed.

They called Einar before them, and then spoke:

We called on Einar’s homestead
And found the woodman shaping;
Armed with blade and saw-tooth
The wood bent to his will.
Grand things we saw him make there,
All of them great treasures,
Made from mighty oak trees;
Rewards must now be given.

And so they gave Einar a ring, marked with the stars of Orion, so that all who met him would know of his great skill.

The skalds recorded that this happened in the Shire of Bastille du Lac, on the 31st dagr of Þorri, in the forty-ninth ár of the worldthing.

Wording by THL Colyne Stewart, based on excerpts from Laxdæla Saga.

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