Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Kolbjorn skatkaupandi, Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer, 2014

Cattle die,
Kinsmen die
You yourself die;
I know one thing
Which never dies:
The virtue of a man's life.

Hammer of Thor strikes Anvil of Virtue,       Rings forth, naming Kolbjorn.
Brother they hailed,                                        Of Ealdormere the most blissfull,
Potent King in the high seat                           They wished him to join,
And the Brethren to sit                                   Happy at the feast,
Ever with Thorbjorn,                                       Pleasure to share.

Many songs they sung,                                   Rode on sea steeds,
The King and Queen,                                      Trumbrant Bold, Kayla Fairhair'd.
At the magestic house,                                    Odin listened,
Wrote he the runes.                                         Declare, Nornir! Kolbjorn,
This day Battle Brother                                  'Til Fenris does come.

Wording by HE Mahault of Swynford.

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