Sunday, 26 April 2015

Award of the Maiden's Heart, Cameron MacGregor, 2015

Steinnar, by Right of Arms King of Ealdormere, Knight of the Realm, Shield of the Weak and Bane of the Southron Kingdoms and His Consort and Queen, Lyda, Patroness of the Arts, Inspiration of Gentle Pleasures and Shining Light of Good Graces, do offer greetings unto all such diverse Kings, Dukes, Counts, Knights, Barons and Lords that this missive may address within and without the lands held by Ealdomere. Unto such noble personages does Ealdormere recognize, averr and assert that Cameron, son of Gregor, although base born of the land of Scotland, has risen to such great heights through diligent and courageous service as to be counted as a Lord of Our Realm. Ealdormere has viewed his humble demeanour, his tireless martial efforts and his defense of Our Realm against the dread scourge of piracy and found Ourselves best pleased by his countenance and his fierce spirit in serving Us. We declare that with the receipt of this missive, all must know him as a man most blessed by Our Favour and that he is wonderful in Our eyes. We demand, extol and require that all who shall meet him shall know that he is a Lord of our Court and that we feel him worthy to wear the badge of the Maiden's Heart without let or hinderance, as he is a gentleman of great honour, devotion and virtue. Should any question Our Words or challenge his rights as a Lord and favoured subject, they will be met with Our great wrath, causing harm most dire to such an ill-fated fool, his lands and chattel as shall greatly besmirch his name throughout the Known World. Ealdormere will stand strong on the fields Northern and Southron in defence of the honour and good name of our devoted subject, Cameron, son of Gregor and all who slander or speak foul words of him shall pay dearly at the end of Our sword.

Done by sign manual this Feast Day of Saint Mark the Evangelist in the first day of Our Reign at Our Loyal Shire of Bastille du Lac, Anno Societas 49

Wording by HE Mahault fo Swynford, based on a 14th Century Scottish writ.

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