Thursday 23 April 2015

Charter of the Proposed Alchemical Guild of Ealdormere

It is provided, ordained and established by the common council of the Kingdom of Ealdormere for the approval of our lord [NAME] the King of Ealdormere and [NAME]  his Queen in the matters of alchemy and practice of the same within the baronies of Septentria, Skraeling Althing, Ramshaven, Ben Dunfirth and Rising Waters, and also of all the shires of the realm. And let it be known that the pursuit of the Philosopher’s Stone, the Magnum Opus, the Elixir of Life and all other matters of transmuting one material into another be carried out and pursued by the members of the Alchemical Guild of Ealdormere.

Furthermore, it is ordained concerning the same Guild that alchemical materials including but not being limited to phlogiston be kept by members of the aforesaid Guild. Likewise the construction, sale and keeping of all alchemical instruments including but not limited to the athanor, aludel and alembic is to be unimpeded for all Guild members.

And that no one of the kingdom sell alchemical agents to a foreign merchant except by the Royal’s allowance. And whosoever does this and is convicted by a bailiff shall fine him for each item twelve pence after the form aforesaid.

For the members of the Guild it is provided and ordained that those who are of the Guild be sworn after such manner that they will be faithful and loyal to the king and the kingdom; and that they will loyally keep the counsel and the private affairs of the mystery of alchemy.

And it is provided that all these ordinances aforesaid be read and published openly twice yearly, that is to say on the Day of the Holy Innocents and on that of St. Augustine, that no one of the kingdom may oppose the above-named articles.

Witnessed and signed by
[NAME], King
[NAME], Queen
Margeurite, Signet

Document reviewed by Colyne Stewart, clerk.
12 pence paid to the hanaper.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on an undated constitution of the city of Lincoln (c. 1300s).

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