Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Tanegashima Masako, Award of Arms, 2018

The time of blooming;
Wild orange blossoms
Erupt like gunfire
Baldric, our great Ten’nō
Derives counsel from Breyla
His noble Kōgō.
In humility
Now kneels Tanegashima
Masako; who gave
Herself unto bushido.
In battle, fear flees her mind;
Punishes her enemies
And those of her lord.
As she raises up others
So shall we elevate her.
Seed of the Southern Islands
Rise and take up your station,
As a hine of our court.

Done this 7th day of Summer, in the 53rd Year of the Society, by our decree.

Composed as a renga (連歌) format of poetry.
"Wild Orange Blossom" is a kigo (季語, "seasonal word") for summer, refering to the flowering that occurs in early summer.
"like Gunfire": Tanegashima is a name for a Japanese arquebus, and a play on her name.
"Seed of Southern Island": Another play on the literal meaning of Tanegashima, "Southern Seed Island"
"Onna-Bugeisha" is a female samurai.

Wording by TH Lord Akashi Terumoto

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