Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Jonas of Skraeling Althing, Award of Arms, 2018

In the name of Evander and Marioun the Compassionate, The Merciful
Praise be to the sovereigns, Lord and Lady of the North, and blessing and peace eternal upon their line, our masters Evander and Marioun.
The annals of former generations are lessons to the living: a man may look back on the fortunes of his predecessors and be admonished; and contemplate the history of past ages and be purged of folly. Glory to Him who has made the heritage of antiquity a guide for our own time!
Know then, Commander of the Faithful, that there is one amongst the subjects of the North who made the glory of the past his own; for he has studied ancient books of the most eminent tutors, and perused the writings of the martial traditions of the Kings of Persia and India. In so mastering the lore of the sabre and excelling in the arts martial, that his fame has spread far and wide as a student of defence; and he has become renowned in his home province of Skraeling Althing.
When the King and Queen of Ealdormere heard tell of this man, they requested him to attend their court. And so it was on the 25th day of Safar, in the 53rd year, that they spake unto Jonas of Skraeling Althing – for such was he named – and began repeating these couplets:
                All who come before our thrones, know of what we do proclaim!
Let not one vassal, woman or man, this our mighty word defame
For wonderful is he and right worthy of our praise
And of our Scarlet Banner, Jonas’ honour we do name.

Wording by TH Lord Dietrich von Sachsen, based on the dedication and poetry of A Thousand and One Nights.

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