Thursday, 12 November 2015

Gajin Suren, Award of the Maiden's Heart, 2014

Trumbrand, Khan of the north and destined thereof,
Truly ordained by spirits of Heaven above;
Truthful Kaylah, Khatun of Beauty and Love,
Trust well in Gajin Suren, whom they speak of.

He knows well the honour that comes of service,
Head or Hooves, for men courageous or nervous;
He hefts the plunder from field to cart - does this
Helps aged men and mighty Tumens thus.

Together none can easily vanquish you,
To be alone is to be broken in two,
Trains our warriors - Marshalls the lists do you,
Trade your many labours for honours new.

Thy breed were born of the fallow doe's offspring;
Thy service to us does us great honours bring,
Think upon the doe's grace the old men do sing,
"Thyself has earned the Maiden's Heart" says your King.

Wording by Lord Dietrich von Sachsen

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