Thursday, 12 November 2015

Jocelyn de Cranewall, Einvigi Rapier Champion, 2015

All is done              Ullr's season
Descends with        winter's sea-breath
From northern         frozen mountains.
End of strife            Einvigi age

Dealing cruel          death to swordsmen
Fought they did      for honour and
Fame; on now        to Odin's hall
Valhal's walls         valour recall.

Fiercely swords        did feast on blood
ullr's shields             shone most brightly
In misty                   morning ravens
Gather; whose          wounds form their feast?

And who would        win glory from
crown'd brow of        breaker of rings?
Though kin and        cattle all die
Famous deeds        forever live.

Famed the name        Known for her skill
Jocelyn            Joyful sword-maid
Challengers        Chose well their doom
With flick of        Flashing blade, fell.

Wording by Lord Dietrich von Sachsen, as an award for a Royal Tourney.

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