Thursday, 12 November 2015

Gwendolyn of Aldburg, Award of the Scarlet Banner, 2015

... As it was in days gone by,
When the Spear-Skraels and they who ruled them
Had Courage and Greatness. We have heard
much of those bygone Prince's heroic campaigns
alongside the Bear-Folk and the Wyrm-Born Kings of old.
Never be it said that those who followed them
Be nithing at war; strong are those born even now.
The powers of Quilliam wax and his worth is proved
Not only by Domhnail, blessed Queen of all those
Who call the Wolven-realm home; but by the strength
Of those who take the blood-worm to hand
Beneath the Scarlet Banner.

Thus did the Breaker-of-Rings seek forth one
Of the Skrael-Shieldlings to stand before him
And his lady, in their lofty hall.
So was Quilliam sent forth Gwendolyn,
Horse-Lady of Aldburg, White Ravens of Othin
Borne proudly upon her battle-shield.
Bright mail and tall helm she wore, but none
Outshone her martial pride; for trained had she
At the feet of her Uncle, who taught her never
Before the foemen yield, but to stand tall
As any fighting man who put arm to shield
Beneath the Scarlet Banner.

"What kind of Lady are you arrive
Rigged out for combat in your coat of maille
Riding here from distant Harrowgate Heath
Upon thy dun-skin mare? I have reigned
As King for some time, yet rarely before
Has a mightier man-at-arms been seen here
As stands here now; unless I am mistaken,
She is truly noble. No mere hanger-on in a hero's armour."
"I belong by birth to your people, the Skraels
And owe allegiance to none but you, great king."
"Then stand, and bear your arms and gear, and I shall guide you,
Beneath your Scarlet Banner."

Wording by Lord Dietrich Sachsen

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