Thursday, 12 November 2015

Jocelyn de Cranewall, Einvigi Rapier Most Traveled, 2015

Harken Ealdormere!              Hear the words
From herald's lips;                Loud they proclaim:
Weather of weapons             Washed on our shores
And brave souls walked        The wide Whale-road.

Who sought the sea-steed    Sword holding high?
Wandering Odin                   Ne'er walked so far.
Not for Freyja's tears            Tore men from wives,
But honour and                    High esteem sought.

From land of far Skrael        to Skeldergate
Harrowgate Heath               hears loud spear-din.
Bryniau and Caer Draeth     call warriors
To take to ships                  taunting the Norns.

Konnugr Steinarr                Calls wandering
War-maiden here;              Mark well her deeds!
Fair Drottning Lyda             Lauds her labors!
Silver blade shone-            Shamed challengers.

Hails well from Cranewall-     Cry out her name!
Hail Jocelyn!                          judge you right brave!
Brav'd wind and weather       Breaker-of-Rings
Honours your name              Now homeward come.

Wording by Lord Dietrich von Sachsen, award for a Royal Tourney.

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