Thursday, 12 November 2015

Merewyn of Swenyeshie, Award of Orion, 2015

Let all who heren thisse asise,
Of Steinarr, Kyng of the Ealdormerii,
And Lydr, Quene who Wið-stod him.
Worldes bliss we pris nout,
Al be that the bliss of oure Kine-þeod we pris gretliche.
They that do multiplye the murthe of oure puple
With conning and queyntise - forgen bel beydes -
We wouldst wurðien. We bi-nemnen in oure loftye castel:
Merewen de Sweynesheie is grauntyed the Awarde of Orion.
Ne mon is gabben oure vassal!

Let all who hear this decree,
Of Steinarr, Kyng of the Ealdormerii
And Lydr, Queen who stands beside him.
Wordly bliss we value not,
Although the bliss of our subjects we value grealty.
They that do multiply* the joy of our people
With cunning and artifice - forging beautiful beads -
We would honour. We declare in our lofty hall:
That Merewen de Sweynesheie is granted the Award of Orion.
Let no man scoff at our vassal!

Wording by Lord Dietrich von Sachsen

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