Sunday, 27 April 2014

Charter Granting the Mormaerdom of Arrochar

To all knights, Masters, Peers, Barons, Earls, Mayors, Sheriffs, Provosts Officers and to all faithful subjects as well as others to whom these presents shall come, be seen, heard, read, or understood from Seigfried King and Ragni Queen of Ealdormere Greeting

Know all that We by these Letters Patent have given, granted, and by this Our present charter have confirmed and do advance, create our beloved servants, Nigel MacFarlane, and Adrielle Kerrec, to the state degree style dignity title and honour of Duke and Duchess. Know ye that We have given, granted, and established by this present Charter to Nigel MacFarlane and Adrielle Kerrec, that Mormaerdom which is called Arrochar. To be held by them, with all its pertinants, liberties and easments, freely, quietly, fully, and entirely, with gallows and pit, toll, theme, sock and sack, outfangthief and infangthief, with all advantages and freedoms pertaining by law or custom in the Kingdom of Ealdormere without any secular or servile exaction: except that, when he is summoned, they shall come to the courts which the Crown may announce. And he shall be bound to go on no military expedition, unless the Crown ordain one against the countries or provinces adjoining Ealdormere. These are the land-boundaries Arrochar - first south from the cross at St. Mary's down along through the fleet wood to the barrow, thence east along the barrow till it comes to the Pond at Baxter Creek. Then north over the furlong to the fen. Then east along through the wold to the old cross. Should any secular person attempt to go against this, after three warnings if he should not make amends, he may lost his honour and be liable to divine justice, and subject himself to retribution. For the rest, in order that this decree may, for all ages, remain valid and unshaken, We bind ourselves and our successors to keep and observe this present charter and have ordered it to be written and have affixed our seal. 

Dated at Rising Waters the twenty-sixth of the month of April in the forty-eighth year of the society in the first days of our reign.

Wording by Adrielle Kerrec.

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