Sunday, 27 April 2014

AElfwyn et Laganwuda, Order of the Wain, 2014

In the year of the society's incarnation 48 I, Nigel, with the favour of divine grace King of Ealdormere and Adrielle my Queen, led by divine love, foreordained by the same divine right, in the last hours of Our reign, have not been forgetful in the duties of governance and have taken care to commit this to writing so that our words and deeds should not be negated with the passage of time, either through the lack of care of our successors or through some kind of envy or dishonesty. 

With the agreement and authorisation of many nobles, including Our beloved companions of the Wain, We, giving with sincere intent, do bestow upon Mistress Aelfwyn, a grant of arms and do induct her into Our order of the Wain and grant unto her the right to bear the badge of the Order, for she has performed exemplary and long-standing service to Our Kingdom as officer, marshal, artisan, leader, champion, always as one who provides an example of courtesy and chivalry worthy of emulation. On account of such faithful service and loyalty We do further grant this charter bestowing on her for all time that place which is called by rustics the Redwood. In order that the aforementioned Mistress Aelfwyn should favourably possess without intermission this royal gift as long as Ealdormere should thrive, all that is recognised as belonging to that same place by law, both in large and in small matters, in fields, pastures, meadows, woods and fisheries, may the aforementioned Redwood, be free from all worldly impediment, except these three: military service, and the construction of bridge and fortress. The aforementioned Redwood is seen to be surrounded by these bounds. From the Cyningsweg south to Ramsayville, in the east from the green bank to the Morrisionweg. If any, however, should try, against Our wishes, to harm this charter, through the spite of oppressive covetousness, may they, falling down to the swirling masses of noisome darkness, be cursed, into everlasting fire’, where they may be tormented in a cruel punishment by demons with heated iron instruments of torture if they do not change this before their death with appropriate penitence. 

But, so that it will not be terminated as long as Ealdormere prevails, We have also recorded these things in writing. This aforementioned liberty was created in the year of the society's incarnation 48, on this 26th day of April.

Wording by Duchess Adrielle Kerrec.

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