Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Gwendolyn of Aldberg - Scroll of Honour / Queen's Favour

The 'letter' to Lady Gwendolyn of Aldberg - Scroll of Honour / Queen's Favour
To reverend and dearest lady, Gwendolyn of Aldburg most distinguished by nobility both of birth and of life, Adrielle, Queen by divine right, sends most heartfelt greetings. 

To say nothing of your other good works, for which the reputation of your nobility breathes the scent of your gentle nature far and wide and all around; you surely lavish so many and such great acts of kindness on people in all walks of life who live and especially those who thrive in Our Canton of Harrowgate Heath, that we are already so accustomed to them and they are so familiar to us that it could be burdensome to you for Us to order thanks to be given you by word or letter for every single act, nor are we able to repay whatever we might according to your merits. 

Brave in all endurance, gentle in bearing injury, quick to show pity, united and harmonious in sisterly love, you are one who administers comfort with compassionate affection through which the dark cloud of grief has grown lighter tended by your gentle guidance and affection. Wherefore, We would commend you to all and place you on Our Scroll of Honour, so that just as you do what you do so gently and aptly for all the right reasons, all may know and repay you on behalf of Us for whom you do good. 

Yet still for all that you have done this gesture seems somehow inadequate as clemency receives more praise because it is of benefit to more people. The beautiful protect the self with modesty, but a gentle rule keeps the realm safe. Accordingly, in recognition of the most high esteem We personally hold you, We would furthermore recognize such deeds and be as grateful for what you have done for Canton and Kingdom as if you had done it for Us. Let all know that fair Gwendolyn shall henceforth bear a mark of Royal Favour for her virtue and has received from Her Majesty's hand, the Queen’s Favour, and is commended to make display of it so all shall know of the singular favour this Crown finds in her.

Done on the feast da y of St. Elwin, this 22nd day of February A.S. 48
(wording by HRM Adrielle)

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