Sunday, 27 April 2014

Jocelyn Cranewell, Royal Favour, 2014

 Equity and right ordains that those who are virtuous and of noble courage be by their merits and renown rewarded by certain signs and demonstrations of honour and courtesy. Nigel, by divine grace ever venerable king of Ealdormere, and Adrielle his chosen Queen, to all those to whom this current letter will have come, their favor and all good will. May all know that We, always wishing to preserve the undiminished rights of the faithful and bestow upon them due recognition, on the deliberation of our advisors, in acknowledgment of the most high esteem We personally hold TH Lady Jocelyn Cranewall

Do hereby recognize such deeds done by her as Our Champion including her tireless efforts as envoy to foreign lands and her dedication to the arts martial . Let all know that she shall henceforth bear a mark of Royal Favour for her virtue and has received from Their Majesty's hand, the Crown’s Favour, and is commended to make display of it so all shall know of the singular favour this Crown finds in her.

And so that the aforesaid gift solemnly made may not be revoked as invalid by anyone, We have strengthened the present letters with the impression of Our seal in the presence of witnesses this 26th day of April AS 48 on the feast day of of St. Richarius

Wording by Adrielle Kerrec.

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