Tuesday, 29 April 2014

John Moran, Orion, 2014

Declare throughout the realm and understand these words. Nigel by divine grace King of Ealdormere, and Adrielle his inspiration and Queen, to all faithful subjects present and future, greetings. Let all know duty and privilege move Us to see that those who merit honour and recognition are rewarded for their efforts. We being right mindful of the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills in which John Moran has displayed in Tudor culinary manners and arts do wish to recognize him with Our Award of the Orion and grant unto him the right to wear the badge of the award. That this gift remain firm and unimpaired, We order it to be signed with the authority of our seal in Our beloved Canton of Caldrithig by the hand of our scribe, in the 48th year of the incarnation of our Society on this 22nd day of February.

Wording by Duchess Adrielle Kerrec.

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