Sunday 27 April 2014

Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen, Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer, 2014

Nigel II and Adrielle II, by the grace of arms and inspiration, King and Queen of Ealdormere, [Earl and Countess of Arrochar, Protectors of the Far North, Wardens of Septentrialis, Ard Ri of Lacus Pentamerus and Lacus Ealdormearc,] to Our knights, sheriffs, men-at-arms, constables, armsmen, and coistrels, pay heed.

There are those among us who show great skill with the bow. Indeed, the archers and crossbowmen of Ealdormere are among Our finest warriors and the southern folk quake in fear when they take to the range or the field. One staunch crossbowman has shown great skill and dedication and stands as a sergeant among his peers, and We feel this must be recognized by writ and deed, least the memories of man forget it.

Therefore, know ye that we of Our especial grace, certain knowledge and mere motion have advanced, preferred and created our right trusty and entirely beloved Baron and Pelican, Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen, a member of Our Order of Thorbjorn’s Hammer.

Having consulted with our Lawspeaker and wise council, both Spiritual and Temporal, We do hereby decree that the aforesaid Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen is known to be honourable and just and his judgment is above reproach, and he is therefore excused from the restrictions imposed upon the use of the crossbow by Canon 29 of the Second Lateran Council when protecting Ourselves, Our heirs and Their descendents, Our Duchies, Counties, Baronies, Shires and Cantons and any of the people of Our realm, no matter their station.

We have advanced, preferred, dignified, constituted and created the aforesaid Gunther in our Barony of Rising Waters on the feast day of Our Lady of Good Counsel in the forty-eighth year of the Society. In witness whereof We have caused these Our letters to be made patent.

Wording by THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Creation of Field-Marshal the Marquis of Wellington to be Marquis of Douro and Duke of Wellington by George III, 1814.

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