Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Avelyn of the Hedge, Award of Arms

The many thoughtful deeds
Of Avelyn of the Hedge
Have come to Our ears.

An active member of the Canton of Eoforwic,
Her service to the arts and in children’s activities
Enures to the benefit of all Ealdormere

She illuminates scrolls as gifts for the Kingdom
Her works display talent and beauty

In recognition of her faithful service
We, King Aaron Preslee Worgenson
and Queen Rustique du Sorde
Hereby make unto Avelyn an Award of Arms
She may now style herself
as Lady Avelyn of the Hedge
And enjoy the right to bear arms

Done this thirtieth day of April
Anno Societatis 45
Upon the occasion of Our Coronation
Presented by Our Canton of Eoforwic

Wording, calligraphy and illumination by THL Asa Gormsdottir
 Illumination based on Sollested horse collar, Denmark, 10th century.
Calligraphy in half-uncial script

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