Sunday 3 November 2013

Eleanor du Grismontes, Award of the Maiden’s Heart, 2013

A great lady lives
In our Land of Ealdormere
We have heard the history of her,
Of which We here make record.
This lady was Eleanor du Grismontes,
Beloved of her canton,
She who serves at all times,
Her history We show you.
This Eleanor was Chatelaine
To the lands of Greyfells,
Also Keeper of the Gate,
About Eleanor We tell you.

In Ealdormere, at this day,
There is no more worthy person:
Very kind and giving is she;
And so We do reward her,
I, Nigel King, and I, Adrielle Queen,
Upon her place a Maiden’s Heart,
At the Feasting of the Hare,
In the Year of Our Society 48,
On All Souls Day.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on the Song of Dermot and the Earl (Chanson de Dermot et du comte), 13th century.

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