Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cailin of Ben Dunfirth, Award of the Scarlet Banner

Eli! Eli! The children cry
The sea of shields before him quakes
And makes to fly. With practised eye
Lord Cailin all his foes he breaks.

For his well-honed skills
And diligence in the ways of war
Let all salute a true shield of Ealdormere.

Quilliam, King, the gathering storm
Dagmar, Queen, fierce as the dawn
Give unto Lord Cailin of Ben Dunfirth
The Award of the Scarlet Banner
Bear it ever with pride
And protect it with honour

Done this 19th day of June
Anno Societatis 45
At Murder Melee
In Our Barony of Ben Dunfirth

Wording, calligraphy and illumination by THL Asa Gormsdottir

Shield based on Migration Period gold disc brooch, Wittislingen, mid 7th C.

Calligraphy in Insular half uncial

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