Monday, 4 November 2013

Kate Thyrisdottir, Cross of Calontir, 2013

Equity requires and reason ordains that those persons virtuous and of good skill and knowledge be rewarded for their merits by renown and recognition. Since human memory is short and does not suffice for a crowd of things, the authority of those who preceded our age, have decreed that those things were to be written down which the progress of fleeting time generally removes from the knowledge of men. Wherefore let those here present as well as the future subjects know, that We, Damien King and Isabell our Queen of Calontir by divine inspiration, through consideration not only of common renown but also by the report and testimony of other nobles worthy of credence, are truly advertised and informed of one who has borne herself valiantly and conducted herself honourably so that she deserved well and is well worth. She has been a steadfast and steady servant, ever willing to take to any task that might need doing, long has she served Kingdom crown after crown. Since she herself was a child of Calontir she has served in Calontir, Ealdomere, Meridies, and all lands where fate might take her, serving at home and abroad as Crown and Kingdom may have need.

None may doubt, nor even claim with any pretence of truth, that her works have not been many, and her labors great, her patience inexhaustible and her efforts indefatigable. Be it known, therefore, to the present age and to future generations of our subjects that we, aided by the advice and assent of all the members of our right worthy Order do hereby bestow on Kate Thyrisdottir the Cross of Calontir

As recognition of her rank and station We also grant unto her in fee and heritage, an oxgate of land of Flete and fishery of the same. And it shall be lawful for her and her successors, for the time being, to fish with the nets and boats in the said ponds and to take and carry away the fish captured there, to wit, pykes, tenches, perches, bremes and roaches, exempted, quit, and free from all customs but she shall not fish the Tetraodontidae.

This we command to be known to all the corners of our realm, and wishing this to remain valid for her unto all her posterity, we forbid by a royal edict that anyone, with rash daring, infringe it or in any way attempt to violate it, and command that all succeeding kings, all nobles, barons, and all people in the whole world who are now, ever were or ever shall be subject to our rule are forbidden to oppose destroy or diminish in any way this privilege which, through out royal sanction has been granted to Kate Thyrisdottir and we validly corroborate this our decree of the present privilege, signed by the seal of our Majesty, witnessed by those who are present at this deed on the (#) day of (month) AS (#) at (event).

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