Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Brigit Langbein, Award of the Maiden’s Heart

Stout of heart and strong of arm
Stands Brigit Langbein, mother of warriors
She possesses the heart of the North
And her deeds are wrought in greatness
Across the frozen plains.

Long has she stood ready
To do whatever service required,
Before its need is conceived.
She has taken up the mantle
Of Seneschal of Skeldergate
And has stood steadfastly
Behind countless Royalty.

From long hours conveying young warriors,
To steady council for those who would hear it,
She is a cornerstone of Our glorious kingdom.

For her continuing service to the Crown,
We Quilliam King and Dagmar Queen
Are minded to give her the Award of the Maiden’s Heart.
From this day forward she may bear the badge
So all may know of Our faith in her.

Done this 24th day of September
Anno Societatis 46
In our Barony of Rising Waters
At Our Fall Coronation.

Scroll by THL Asa Gormsdottir

Motif based on the Tara Brooch, 7th C. Irish Celtic metalwork

Calligraphy in half uncial

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