Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Gunther Wahlstedt von Bremen, Court Barony

I heard of a good guardsman
Who worsted many foes
Well-girded with iron,
Who scouted the lands
And ran with the boar.

A quarter-master making fast every ship
Who ordered the feasting,
Carried the colours
And counted the cost.

Shields flashed in summer.
Spears on the mountain made
Mortal men flee.
Lethal yet modest,
The bear knew him then.

When wolves woke,
A right royal retainer
Arrayed in rich trappings
Followed the Trillium
And, joyful in battle,
Struck strife in strange lands.

Considered counsel, canny and courageous,
Solace of bow-song at dew-silvered dawn,
Doughty deed-scribe!
Gracious with gold and kindness concealed!

Twenty years have passed,
Steady and strong like oar-strokes.
Sweet song of sword-heart,
Trove of true counsel,
Who can say more?

Hear your King - Aaron, resolute and dauntless.
Hear your Queen - Rustique, whose eyes uncover all.
We have considered.

This great lord stands apart.
Patient and proven, pomp is your due.
We do what is fitting.

Mark the second day of the seventh month
In the forty-sixth year of our Society.
At sunset on Our battlefield,
The Trillium triumphant,
Where Ard Chreag has done Us honour,
The feast hall well furnished,
The honours are distributed.

Noble Gunther Wahlstedt von Bremen -
Wolf-friend and faithful -
We make you a Baron of Our Court.

Scroll by THL Asa Gormsdottir

·          Illumination based on the Sutton Hoo shoulder clasps, Ardagh Chalice and Anglo-Saxon treasure bindings
·          Calligraphy in half-uncial. Some calligraphy based on the Lindisfarne composite
·          Wording based on Anglo Saxon poetry

·          "Ich sol des künicrîches dienstman sîn" means “I will be the Kingdom’s Man”. Translated into Middle High German by Lino da Napoli

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