Sunday 3 November 2013

Konstantin, Award of Arms, 2013

From the most excellent lord and most Ealdormerean Nigel, by strength of arms illustrious King of the Wolves, and Adrielle, Queen of the North, greetings.

Be it known than in the Year of our Society forty-eight, on the eight ides of November, we call before us one Konstantin, who has been brought to Our attention due to his skill at arms, his service and the development of his persona. Therefore do We give unto him an Award of Arms and ask him to confer with Our heralds to devise personal Arms, that he and no other in the Society may display.

In witness whereof We have set Our hand and seal, on this 6th day of November, Anno Societatus 48, in Our Canton of Greyfels at the Feast of the Hare.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, based on William of Rubruck's Account of the Mongols (digitalization by Janeen Richards, April, 2002; annotation and check against the Jackson translation by Lance Jenott, July, 2002: 

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