Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Thank you Scroll to Gerard Carpentarius


Wording for Thank-You Scroll from the Ealdormerean rapier community

Commissioned by KRM THL Albrecht Stampfer                                            June 14, 2009


The golden bird roosts in a magical tree on the border between night and day, the boundary between the real world and the unseen world. The river is jealous of the bird, whose beauty it mirrors but can never possess.

Gerard pined to own the bird and tracked it until he found the tree and the nest. He caught the golden bird with a silver net of fish-scale, and would have bore it away but the bird said, “If you let me go I will grant you great wisdom”.

Gerard agreed, but as he let go of the bird it vanished. In his surprise he fell out of the tree, catching a branch to help break his fall, which broke.

When he rose to his feet, the branch became a silver sword which he found he could wield with great skill, and he had gained the power over all wood.

But his heart still yearned for the golden bird. So he made his home in the grove surrounding the magical tree. From time to time he roams Eastward, sharing his sword knowledge with other warriors and delighting the small clan with his wooden toys and gentle games, waiting for the bird to return to his hand and be tame.

Golden the bird. Its roost of flames,
Door of undoing for evil men,
Guarding the boundary of day.
Jealous water below.

Fleeing the hunter, its shining feathers fall
And sink into the ground.
All nets are ash, all spears a brand,
But not the weave of the water-children.

Chained in silver, sky-jewel’s ransom
An empty hand. A fall.

So great the hunter’s laments,
Water-diamonds silver the broken branch.
And Loki’s gentle twin is born.

Hold fast to Odin’s prize.
While light’s thirst still compels
Gerard will never forsake
The fire-martin’s home.

The rapier community of Ealdormere
Thanks Gerard Carpentarius for his generosity,
His wisdom and his teaching.
May your games and sword-skill never abate.

By THL Asa Gormsdottir

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