Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Konrad Matthias Jaeger, Award of the Orion

Mettle proved
In times of war
Ares’ son extends his realm
To peaceful fields

The watchful guardians
Long and lank
Who count the days of famine we are sent
Sure that the days of feasting shall reclaim

Their cousins
Very cradles of protection
Whatever Fortune’s turn
Soul of an army

We, Roak and Jocea
Have noted the skill
Of His Excellency
Master Sir Konrad Matthias Jaeger
In the construction of belts and boots
And other leatherwork

Here on Our Coronation Day,
We do bestow upon him
The Award of Orion
And all privileges thereto

Done this 25th day of April
In Our Barony of Ben Dunfirth

Wording, calligraphy and Illumination by THL Asa Gormsdottir
Based on the Lindisfarne Gospels, c. 725

Sent / Sure = ceinture Fr. Belt

Turn / Soul = turnsole

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