Friday, 18 October 2013

John Tadlow, 1478

To all trew Christian People these Present Letters hearing seeing or reading, I Thomas Clarentieulx King of Armes of all the Province of the South Parties of this Realme send due and humble recommendacons in our Lord God everlasting as it belongeth. For so much as many persons of their noble and gentle courage be moved and stirred to exercise good vertuous and commendable Mannors and noble condicons by the which, with Gods grace yee shall more attaine unto the perfection of great honor and noblenesse, of which persons one that is in especiall called John Tadlow and James his Brother the sonnes of William Tadlow of London gentleman, which hath tenderly prayed and required me the said King of Armes to make good and thorough search for the Armes of his predecessors, at whose instaunce I have soe donne with all goodlie diligence and have found that the right Armes of John Tadlow and James his brother the Sonnes of William Tadlow and his predecessors been Ermin, a frette per palle Azure and gules. The Creast upon the Heaulme a Dragons winge ermin, thereon a fret per palle azure and Gules sett within a wreath silver and Gules, the mantle Gules lined with Ermin, which Armes and creast I the said King testifieing the same ratifie and confirme unto the said John Tadlow and James his Brother and to their posteritie, he and they pleasures to their honour without anie impeachment interruption or lett of anie person or persons of the said Province for evermore. In Witness whereof I the said King of Armes to theis Presentes have sett the Seale of myne Armes of authoritie and signed the same with myne hand in the yere of our Lord God one thousand fower hundred three score and eighteen and of the Raigne of our Souvraigne Lord King Edward the fowrth the eighteenth yeare.

Harleian Society Publications Volumes 76-77: A Collection of Miscellaneous Grants by Willoughby A. Littledale (London: J. Whitehead & Son, 1925)

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