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A.D. 732 (Canterbury, 20 Feb.). Æthelberht II, king of Kent, to Dunn, priest and abbot, and the church of St Mary (Lyminge); grant of land by the river Limen and at Sandtun (Sampton, lost, in West Hythe), Kent.

Latin with bounds.


Endorsements: (1) early hand: Sand tunes boc (2) later hand: Utile

  In nomine domini Dei salvatoris nostri Jhesu Christi. Est terrula quædam id est quarta pars aratri unius juxta Liminaee sali coquendo accommoda quam ego Æthilberhtus rex Cantuariorum dudum præstiteram antecessori tuo Hymoran . et tu o abba presbyter Dun . jam per tempora plura me annuente eadem usus es præstatione . Hanc ipsam ego nunc terrulam juris mei non pro pecunia aliqua sæculari sed pro remedio tantum animæ meæ tibi et ecclesiæ beatæ Mariæ cui tua præest sollicitudo . ita tribuo et dono ut a præsenti die et tempore vestræ sit potestatis eam semper habere ac possidere qualiter vobis placuerit . Et jus regium in ea deinceps nullum repperiatur omnino . Excepto dumtaxat tale quale generale est in universis ecclesiasticis terris quæ in hac Cantia esse noscuntur . Et ut jugiter firmitatem suam hæc ipsa mea donatio habeat . subter hic signum sanctæ crucis ex[præssi] testesque illius ut subscribant petam . [Actum est] die vicesima Februarii mensis . anno regni nostri septimo . Indic[tione q]uinta decima Doroverni. Et insuper ego Æthilberhtus rex addidi huic donationi quam pro remedio animæ meæ dedi in omni anno centum xx plaustra onusta de lignis ad coquendum sal . Item dedi ei centum jugera ejusdem ruris . in loco qui dicitur . Sandtun . termini vero terræ illius hec sunt . ab oriente terra regis . ab austro fluvius qui dicitur Liminaee . ab occidente et in septentrione hudan fleot .

Signum sanctæ crucis quod scripsit Æthilberhtus rex atqne donator .  
Ego Tatuuinus episcopus ad petitionem Æthilberhti regis subscripsi.  
Ego Albinus abbas jubente piissimo rege Æthilberhto subscripsi .  
Signum manus Balthhæardi .  
Signum manus Bynnan .  
Signum manus Æanberhti .  
Signum manus Æthiliæardi .


Endorsements : (1) Early hand : Sand tunes this ( 2 ) Not later : Useful

  In the name of God our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ . It is a small piece of land that is the fourth part of a plow and salt the cooking Liminaee fully than I had done to your predecessor Hymoran Æthelberht king of Kent . and thou , O Abba priest Dun . payments you are making a sign to me, and using the same for many days to now . This small piece of land I now so my right, but not only for the salvation of my soul to you for any secular money to the church of the Blessed Mary, to whom he is placed over the care of your own . in such a way to give out as a present and the gift of your time on the day and how it is to be of the power of it for ever to have and to possess the good in your eyes . And the king's right in her future no found at all . Except in only the church lands as is general in all the things that are known to be in this Kent . And in order that this gift of mine continually has the firmness of his own . Here, under the sign of the cross, from [ rule over ] that witnesses to ask that they sign . [ The question is ] the twentieth day of the month of February . the seventh year of our reign . Tell [ of q] uinta Doroverni tenth . And, besides, I added to this gift the Æthelberht, king than as a remedy for my soul , I have given every year in the one hundred and twenty wagons, laden with salt , from wood to bake . Also, I gave him one hundred acres of land . in a place called . Sandtun . But these are the terms of that land . On the east, the land of the king. the river on the south, which is called the Liminaee . from the west and in the north hudan SOB .

The sign of the cross, which he wrote for atqne Æthelberht, king of the donor .
I, Tatwine, the bishop upon the request of King Æthelberht subscribed.
I Albinus, abbot ordered by pious King Æthelberht subscribed.
Balthhæardi hand sign .
Bynnan hand sign .
Æanberhti hand sign .
Æthiliæardi hand sign .

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