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c. A.D. 690. Oswine, king of Kent, to Æbba, abbess (of Minster-in-Thanet); grant of 18 hides (manentes) in the Isle of Thanet, Kent.



In nomine Domini nostri Iesu Christi. Ego Osuuinus rex Cantuariorum gratias refero miserenti Deo omnipotenti qui confirmauit me in regno patrum meorum et dedit mihi domum cognationis mee. Quamobrem placuit mihi ne ingratus beneficiis Domini uiderer, et terram que sita est in insula Tenet, .xviii. manentes continentem, quam aliquando Irminredus possidebat, (et aliqua pars ipsius archiepiscopi erat, ipso tamen consentiente et aliam a nobis accipiente) monasteriali seruituti subieci; nuncque in presentia adiuuante Domino perpetraui sub manus Christicolarum, gubernatrici Æbbe perpetuali donatione redegi, ut teneat, possideat ipsa semper, successoresque eius incommutabili decreto defendant; atque ad confirmationem istius cartule cespitem terre supradicte sacro altari superposui, ut omnis quicumque ausus fuerit aliquid ex ea temerare aut minuere uel etiam transmutare sine uoluntate possidentium, sciat se alienum a participatione regni ecclesiis effici et a cetu fidelium segregatum, nisi regulariter emendauerit.

+ Signum sancte crucis propria manu expressi.
+ Signum manus Oswyni regis.
+ Ego Suebhardus consensi et subscripsi.
+ Signum manus Acce .


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Do I return thanks to Almighty God , king of Kent , who confirmed miserenti I Osuuinus me into the kingdom of my fathers and he gave me a house of my kindred . For this reason, it was decided that I may not seem ungrateful for the benefits of the Lord , and the land which was situated on an island on holds ,. , Xviii. continue with the mainland, which once Irminredus owned ( and any part of the archbishop was very sympathetic and another that takes us from ) monastery service subject and now in the presence of the Lord with the assistance committed under the hands of Christians , Governor Ebba Perpetual reduced donation , keep , possess very always , his successors immutable decree defend and to confirmation of this charter sod laid upon a sacred altar of the said land , as everyone who has dared to violate any of them or to diminish or even to change the will because of gain , knowing that she is opposed to the participation of churches and become a gathering of the faithful separated , but regularly amended .

The sign of the holy cross ,
+ pressed them with his own hand .
+ Sign Oswyni hand of the king.
+ I, Suebhardus , agreed to and subscribed.
+ Sign Acces hand .

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