Friday, 11 October 2013

Master Julien, Queen’s Order of Courtesy

LESTENYT, thee both elde and yinge,
On Averil’s second day as blosomes sprynge
Comes Julien, to myn lykynge.

No thyng ys to all so dere
As is a man of gode manere
He is seemly ant is fayre.

He brot blyss ase a liht
Ase a launtern blykyeth bryht
Man of gentleness ant myht.

To the Order of Courtesy bryngeth
Julien, as the wood leaves springeth
Ant the suete byrds Singeth.

He is a coral of godnesse,
He is a rubie of ryhtfulnesse,
He is a lilie of largesse.

On this day blyssid be
All loue, joie ant bealte
Of Julien lord of lealtè.

That Queen Aikaterine seith, soth hit ys,
at this Last Court of Kynge Gryffith and Queen Aikaterine
ant Coronation of Their Heirs, Lucan and Jana, this second day of Averil AS XLV.

By Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge.

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